ChocwasabiTM Launches Chocolate Covered Wasabi Snack Line

Tasty Treats Combine the Eclectic Mixture of Chocolate and the Hot, Exotic Taste of Wasabi

Los Angeles, CA, May 06, 2012 --( Darren Polish the owner of Chocwasabi, today announced the launch of a new line of chocolate and wasabi based snacks. This exciting new snack line will feature delectable combinations of a chocolate covered tasty treat with the added kick of wasabi.

The flagship item consists of a magical chocolate mixture that coats wasabi peas which makes for a truly unique chocolate candy with a kick. It's spice, salt, and sugar, hot and sweet, which will tantalize one’s taste buds into sheer joy.

Chocwasabi comes packaged in 5 oz. and 13 oz. sizes where a charming Japanese chef entices one to open and reopen for continuous snacking pleasure.

Originally inspired by his father Marc Polish, who has continuously tinkered with wacky food combinations throughout the years, Darren found himself returning again and again to sample pieces of a wasabi chocolate bar created by Marc.

“My father has always come up with great 'out-of-the-box' ideas and we have teamed up on a few business ventures, so when I tasted his Chocwasabi creation, I immediately knew it was a winner.”

Darren touts Chocwasabi as “Highly Addictive” stating that people seem to eat a few, then eat a few more, and then a few more and before you know it, the whole package is completely empty.

For Chocwasabi, the sky is the limit. Its aim is to make the worlds’ mouths happy, hot, and hooked.

Media Note: Images and Samples Available Upon Request.
Darren Polish