Outlook Group’s Thinner Liner Adds Efficiencies, Cost Savings, and a Sustainable Advantage to Labeling

Neenah, WI, May 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- In an industry that is constantly striving for cost savings and sustainable packaging design, Outlook Group’s MICROLINER® stands apart as an answer to both. Their commercialized MICROLINER® solution delivers a label on a 48 gauge thin liner – less than ½ of the liner thickness typically seen with pressure sensitive labels. The 100% recyclable thin PET liner used results in 30% more labels per roll. With over three years of experience with a major international account and over 1.5 billion labels produced, Outlook Group has a solution that addresses two major concerns of label customers – innovation and sustainability.

"What excites us about the MICROLINER® product," says CEO, John Cappy, "is the immediate benefits it has for our customers. Not only can they see a cost savings on their labels, but the operational efficiencies and sustainability benefits allow our customers to see savings throughout the entire labeling process. There are so few truly innovative products out there in the label industry that MICROLINER® stands out as a proven solution."

MICROLINER® uses a unique licensed finishing process that allows the labels to be applied to a thin liner after die-cutting. This technology means that labels can ride on a much thinner liner than can go through a conventional die-cutting system which translates into less material and less waste. Using a thinner liner means 30% more labels can fit on the same size roll resulting in less transportation and warehousing costs. Perhaps the biggest efficiency gained is in changeover times. "We understand that our customers need to drive efficiencies through their systems. One of the easiest and most impactful ways to do that is to decrease changeover times. With 30% more labels on a roll, less time is spent changing rolls. Our MICROLINER® customers immediately see an increase in the time that their label lines are up and running as a result of fewer roll changes," according to Kevin Hayes, Executive VP of Sales and Market Development, Outlook Group. "In addition, the unique process eliminates web breaks due to deep die strikes. This also decreases down time by eliminating a common reason that label lines experience down time."

Sustainable packaging continues to be a hot topic in the packaging industry. MICROLINER®'s sustainable advantages lie in the thin liner construction – not only is there less of it, but it is 100% recyclable. This allows companies to recycle the liner rather than have it destined for the landfill. Instead of a disposable cost, the liner becomes a potential revenue source from a recycler. Outlook Group works with a variety of recycling providers and can help customers locate recycling options in their areas. "MICROLINER® was developed for a customer looking for cost and efficiency savings. After much commercialized success, we’re ready to roll this product out to the market. We feel this is an exciting product that will help our customers stay efficient and meet their sustainability goals," says CEO, John Cappy.

Outlook Group has been providing printing and packaging solutions for over 35 years. Founded in 1977, the Neenah, WI based company has found unique ways to thrive and diversify its packaging operations. "Outlook Group’s goal is to find solutions for our customers," says CEO, John Cappy. "We understand that customers are looking for strategic partners that can take the complexity out of their packaging needs and provide unique and customized solutions for their supply chain." A tour of their Wisconsin based plants provides visitors with a unique experience – a one stop shop for packaging solutions. The variety of packaging capabilities shows Outlook Group’s commitment to overall solutions. Whether customers need labels, shrink sleeves, folding cartons, flexible packaging, direct mail, fulfillment, contract packaging, or all of those services, they can find it at Outlook Group.

While MICROLINER® is Outlook Group’s latest entry into innovative packaging, it is clear that innovative thinking and customers designed solutions is at the heart of what Outlook Group does. A Clean Room, ISO 13485 certification for medical packaging, G7 Master Printer certification, and AIB recognition for food contact packaging safety are just a few of the certifications that Outlook Group holds while leveraging those certifications and capabilities along with strong relationships with customers to find new opportunities and continue to create innovative solutions. An internal Research and Development team works directly with customers to help in material selection and specifications and provide field support. Field-engineers travel from Outlook Group to customers' plants to help increase efficiencies and find new ways to make their customers more productive. Outlook Group’s passion for efficiency and innovation are evident in the unique solutions they create for their customers.

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Lacie Callan