LAAR Hopes to Fulfill a Cancer Victim's Wish by Placing Her Four Beloved Cats in Loving Homes

L.A. Animal Rescue not only helps animals in need, but also comes to the assistance of people in need. Jill was one such person, whose dying wish was to see her four beloved cats placed in new homes.

Chatsworth, CA, May 11, 2012 --( Los Angeles Animal Rescue is not only committed to saving animals, but also to helping people who are in crisis situations with their beloved pets. LAAR receives countless pleas for help from people, but a plea from a terminally ill cancer patient needs an immediate response. The organization must race to fulfill this person’s dying wish that his or her adored pet will be safe and comfortable after its owner passes on.

TJ, Harry, Teddy, and Squeakers are cats whose owner, Jill, passed away from cancer. Jill was distressed because she wanted her much-loved pets to be placed with a caring family before she died. The four will never go to a shelter; LAAR will continue to care for them if they are not adopted. However, they should go to a good family who is willing to spend time nurturing them and helping them through the turmoil they have experienced recently. TJ and Harry must be adopted together, as must Teddy and Squeakers, so any prospective owners should make sure their homes can accommodate at least two cats. They are indoor cats only, and must continue to be treated as such.

TJ is a beautiful, white, medium-haired cat, about two years old. He has golden accents on his tail and around his ears. Harry is a handsome, short-haired four-year old tabby, of the gray, blue, or silver variety. Teddy is a short-haired brown male tabby, about five years old, and Squeakers is a gorgeous seven-year old, all black, long-haired female. TJ, Harry, and Teddy have been neutered, and Squeakers has been spayed. They are current with their vaccinations. The four cats are friendly, and people-loving. They will live in harmony with other pets and family members, including children. They are affectionate, and only want human affection in return. Pictures of the TJ, Harry, Teddy, and Squeakers can be seen at and Please contact Su Roos at 818-335-1658 to obtain more information on these loveable creatures.

LAAR needs public support so they may continue assisting people in need. Help the organization maximize its efforts by donating money and adopting animals under its care. Go to to see the animals available for adoption, and to find out how you can make monetary donations.
Los Angeles Animal Rescue
Gabrielle Allemeier