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Sunless Tanning Steps into the 21st Century

Self tanning has come a long way since the first unfortunate, orangey formulations. Now you can bring salon-quality sunless tanning into your home with MESS Makeup’s self tanning mist.

New York, NY, November 14, 2005 --( MESS Makeup, known for their high-end, all-natural line of mineral makeup, is pleased to announce the addition of Sunless Tanner to their beauty roster. MESS’s Sunless Tanner is a non-aerosol mist tan that you apply yourself for a safe and beautiful summer glow. Like the tanner applied at the spray booths found at tanning centers and salons, the main ingredient in the MESS self tanner is DHA (dihydroxyacetone, C3H6O3), a simple sugar that has been used in cosmetics for almost 30 years. DHA interacts with the amino acids in surface skin cells to produce a darkened appearance. It cannot be absorbed into the body and is considered completely safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for external use.

Spray tan has several advantages over cream, foam and lotion tanning formulas. You don’t have to touch the product or rub it in, so your hands do not stain. It’s easy to apply correctly, because the fine mist provides even coverage and the results are visible immediately. Sunless Tanner dries faster and is better for oily and combination skin than a creamier product. It’s also much easier for men to apply because of the interference of body hair. For the same price as the least expensive in-store spray tan, MESS offers a bottle containing at least three full-body applications. Beyond the cost, there’s also an obvious advantage to doing your tanning at home as opposed to at a commercial sunless tanning outlet. In the dark of a commercial spray tan chamber, you’re bombarded with tanner from all sides while performing a difficult choreography of slowly turning while holding your breath. You have to tuck in your lips and cover your eyes for safety, and your hair and nails still might get stained. The spray pools around your feet, often to disastrous effects. Having to dress and go home right away often smudges the tan for which you paid anywhere from $30 to $80. And if you want keep your tan looking good, you’ll have to do it all over again in about a week. 

When the product was still in its infancy, one of MESS's makeup artists used MESS Sunless Tanner on the set of the film “Retirement” (due out in 2006 from Corner Stone Pictures) when actor Billy Burke needed an instantaneous and natural-looking Florida tan for scenes shot in Miami. The highly-effective spray tanner received such positive reactions that MESS decided to offer the same formulation to the public through their store and Web site. “Adding this product to our line was a no-brainer,” says MESS head makeup artist Darvell Freeman. “Why waste time and money to go somewhere for a spray tan when you can get the same results in the privacy of your own bathroom for a fraction of the cost?”

About MESS Makeup
MESS Makeup was formed by a convergence of makeup artists and business professionals who sought to unify the East Coast’s makeup community. It is quickly becoming the city’s top resource for veteran makeup artists, and its artist database has developed into a much-needed resource for those seeking experienced makeup artists for projects of any scope; from applications, lessons, makeovers, parties and group events to film, editorial, fashion and commercial projects. MESS Bridal arranges makeup services and photography for brides and bridal parties, and photography division MESS Studios has been recognized as an industry leader in new talent portfolio production and promotional photography for models, actors and performers. MESS Makeup also has created a full line of mineral makeup, MESS Pro Mineral, and supplies available at its retail store (located at 224 W. 30th Street) and on its Web site. Please visit for more information about MESS Makeup’s products and services. 


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