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FingerTec USA, a leading manufacturer of time clock software and finger scanners, is providing helpful training for first-time users, as well as monthly and annual support for existing customers.

Brooklyn, NY, May 11, 2012 --( FingerTec USA, a manufacturer of fingerprint time clocks available online at, is now spotlighting the enhanced customer support programs that accompany its state-of-the-art biometric time clock products. In an effort to further expand its client service protocol as well as make time track software accessible to a range of business owners, the company is now offering companion training and support programs to ensure that consumers feel comfortable and confident in using the company’s software and products. Both new and old customers alike are now eligible to sign up for monthly or annual support at affordable rates.

“We strive to create products that are ergonomically designed, intuitive, and user-friendly. Still, we recognize that our clientele feels most confident in purchasing time track software if they know it’s accompanied by rigorous customer support. That is why we offer training to our new users, as well as hardware and software tutorials available right on our website. Our clients' needs always come first, which is why we offer system support by phone, e-mail, live chat, and support ticket. With so many ways to communicate and fast response times, our customers will never feel left in the dark,” said Ryan King, the technical manager of the fingerprint door lock company.

FingerTec USA offers numerous ways for customers to receive assistance, including walk-through videos, manuals, and live chat; many customer service options that allow clients to get in touch and find answers are complimentary. However, managers new to biometric time clocks and fingerprint reader software may find more intensive training valuable, as it allows them to quickly relay information to employees and effectively manage their timekeeping programs. The training package includes phone training sessions in increments of 30 minutes, which focus on each individual’s particular questions or areas of focus. The basic training package can be purchased at any time, and, at $49.99, is an expedient and affordable option to quickly master the necessary software.

While FingerTec USA affords several methods of free support, the manufacturer also grants unlimited access to its customer support team, day or night, for a low monthly rate – with no restrictions on the number of calls or inquiries. Monthly support packages are accessibly priced at $19.99, and customers are also able to opt for annual support, now on offer for only $150 per year. FingerTec USA’s products are currently in use in over 100 different countries, with the time clock software supporting more than 14 languages. Even with such a wide scope of clientele, FingerTec USA delivers versatile, round-the-clock support, which helped the company earn the top client support record in the biometrics industry.

“Fingerprint reader software initially began in the government sector; FingerTec USA helped pioneer the technology and made it accessible to the private sector bycreating intuitive systems and offering expert training and support to all clients,” said King.
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Ryan King