Second Annual Colorado UFO Briefing to Feature Pilot, Retired Military, Law Enforcement and More

Colorado UFO Research Community to Brief the Public

Denver, CO, June 07, 2007 --( A search at the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) reporting website reveals that they receive on average 5 to 12 UFO sighting reports per month in the state of Colorado, and nearly 150 per month throughout the country. This is one of the many facts about UFOs that doesn’t make it to the public. In order to share with the public the vast amount of eye opening information related to the UFO subject, the large and growing UFO research community in Colorado will be holding an all day briefing on the Auraria Campus at the Tivoli Center in downtown Denver on July 21st, 2007.

The Mutual UFO Network is the largest civilian UFO investigation organization in the country. With certified investigators throughout the country, they take reports and actively look into them. Actor Dan Aykroyd sponsors this international organization, which is headquartered right here in Colorado. MUFON’s Director, James Carrion, will be one of the speakers at the briefing to talk about his organization and their findings. Other speakers include a few more credible Coloradoans, Franklin Carter, a retired Navy radar technician, Don Daniels, a commercial airline pilot, Chuck Zukowski, an engineer and reserve police officer, Paola Harris, an international journalist, Ryan Wood, a renowned UFO researcher, and Joe Fex, Paranormal Archivist. They will speak about their personal experiences and/or research.

Not only are Coloradoans reporting UFOs, more and more they are actively researching and meeting to discuss UFOs. The Colorado UFO Briefing is sponsored by 7 separate UFO research and/or investigation organizations throughout the state. Each of these organizations hold their own meetings to discuss UFOs, or to bring in some of the many UFO researchers in the US as speakers. Each group ranges in size from 20 to over 300 members.

This briefing is being organized by, as a non-profit educational endeavor promoting the rational and logical approach to understanding legitimate matters significantly affecting the future of mankind.

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Alejandro Rojas