Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts Speaks Out for Women

Founder of "The Time for Women is Now," a voice for women in contemporary times. Ms. Garber’s personal mission to assist women has led several other women’s organizations to approach her to speak.

Sunbury, OH, May 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Diana Garber, President and CEO of Intuitive Concepts, is a Feng Shui Master and founder of ‘The Time for Women is Now,’ which is a voice for women in contemporary times. The mission statement for this group of female business owners is ‘to be an instrument of peace and an advocate for change that produces a positive impact in the world.’ The group has elected to support and empower school children as their primary focus at this time, and members have committed to this cause on an individual basis and as an organization.

Ms. Garber’s personal mission to assist women has led several other women’s organizations to approach her to speak at their events. Her most recent participation was on Saturday, April 28, 2012, at the Global Women’s Summits conference in Columbus, OH, where she spoke on women’s empowerment. Since the video of this conference is scheduled to be presented at the 2012 summer session of the United Nations, her involvement and commitment will reach women throughout the world.

In addition, Garber chose to continue her pledge to edify women by producing a webinar series that addresses women’s issues in current times. The Time for Women is Now webinar series begins June 20 with The Role Women Played in History and How to Succeed in Current Times. The second webinar on July 18 will address Success Tips for the Home and Office…How to ‘Manage Your Environment Consciously or It Unconsciously Manages You©.’ Session 3, on August 15, will address Women and Success…Learning to Receive What You Deserve.

Although there are many who are concerned about women’s issues, Diana Garber believes that unless we strive for enhancing public awareness with a committed stand, our voices will not be heard.

For more information about Diana Garber or Intuitive Concepts, visit her http://www.intuitiveconcepts.com/.

For more information about The Time For Women Is Now, visit their http://www.timeforwomenisnow.com/.

For more information about the webinar series or to enroll, visit this http://www.intuitiveconcepts.com.dnnmax.com/MediaPress/Events/tabid/111/Default.aspx.
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