Ambassador MSA Training Certification (Tier II) - 2 Day Class - June 16-17, 2012 - Las Vegas, NV

CFLA, Inc, the industry leading experts in "Mortgage Securitization" research and training has created a comprehensive 2nd Tier Mortgage Securitization training certification program.

Los Angeles, CA, May 14, 2012 --( Take your Securitization Education a step further, be brought up to speed on the industry’s most recent and important developments with continuing education, from CFLA’s leading experts.

Requires completion of the MSA Tier I course and an additional 16 hours.

Register online at, or contact their corporate sales office at 1-888-758-CFLA (2352) to register. Seating will be extremely limited.

Ambassador "MSA" Training Certification 2-day (16 hr) course covers all (but not limited to) the following:

-How to find a trust, if the trust is not indicated on documents
-How to find a trust, if the loan is not in foreclosure
-Fannie/Freddie trust information

This is a comprehensive 2-day training course that is designed to enhance the MSA training course (24 hours). You will learn from our leading experts and be caught up to speed on the latest developments in the Securitization field.

You will learn how to identify how many of the classes have been made whole and you will also be taught about Credit Default Swap and how that is important to your report.

You must have completed the MSA Training and Certification program in order to gain admittance into the Ambassador Training and Certification program. You must also pass a proficiency examination, to be granted access to the class.

Person receiving an Ambassador "MSA" Training Certification will have cumulatively completed all of the following:

-40 Hours of training on Mortgage Securitization
-16 hours (tier II training)
-Passed (2) Notarized final exams
-Passed criminal background check


SpringHill Marriott
2989 Paradise RD
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Testimonials from Previous CFLA Training Classes

"My answers to all your questions are 'Awesome! Lori's extensive knowledge of this topic was invaluable. Questions I've been wondering about wondering about were answered and elaborated on. Wonderful experience. Plus Lori is also engaging, funny, and smart, smart, smart! Many Thanks!"
-Jeanni Schipper

"I know that very few indeed are preparing these audits. This is awesome, Thanks you."
-Wayne Moon

"Take this class! Fighting mortgage fraud without this information is like flying blind in the mountains."
-Melanie Sandlin

"This is a great class. I obtained what I needed and more. This is a class every homeowner should enlist in. The information is priceless. Great, great class."
-Heidi Amaya

"This course was the missing link in putting together all the knowledge I’ve already been accumulating, but was not able to assimilate into a prosecutable document for submission which an attorney can use in litigation. Thanks!"
-Warren D. Goldstein

"If you want to learn the audit the mortgage securitization process, then this is the course for you!"
-Timothy, O’Riley

"This is a course that every American citizen can use to fight back against Wall Street and the banks to keep or receive compensation for the mortgage fraud committed on 85% of loan originated between 2001-2008. Liz and Art are a God send!"
-Brandon Coleman

"Personally, the course is an enhancement because I’m already particular with about 95% of it. Although, I notice there are beginners in the class and I highly recommend the course and its instructors combined because I saw and noticed how these beginners were able to comprehend and able to finish their homework and finals on the 3rd day. The other 25% of the course was my "core" information to enhance my knowledge and the course & instructors made me achieve what I expected to learn. Thanks!"
-Eddie Peregrino

"Excellent information! The tracking of assignments, very thorough. Instructors’ knowledge of these securitization processes are very strong. CFLA’s commitment is very strong to students and to excellence."
-Carl L. Williams

"Although I have prior experience of 20 years of Mortgage Banking and Real Estate, this class has given me a comprehensive edge over the average attorney and ultimate foreclosure defense! Thank you for taking me to the top."
-Kartika Kelley
Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC
Andrew Lehman
1-888-758-CFLA (2352)
National Account Sales Office
13101 W Washington Blvd Suite 140
Los Angeles, CA 90066