Snooth Launches Public Beta Version of its Website

Snooth, the comprehensive website for researching, reviewing, and buying wine, is now available to all users.

New York, NY, June 08, 2007 --( Snooth has launched a beta version of its wine search engine and recommendation platform, which generates personalized wine recommendations by leveraging data about wines that users have liked or disliked in the past. Snooth's wine community also provides wine-drinkers with a single location to read and write user reviews, view reviews by international award committees and professional critics, see what their friends are drinking, and buy wine from a number of leading wine merchants.

Snooth's website is powered by its comprehensive wine database, which contains information for over 300,000 wines. At the time of its public launch, Snooth has accumulated 1.4 million wine ratings from users and professional critics. Snooth has developed advanced technology to filter duplicate wines, so that it can aggregate reviews and price information from different sources and limit wines from showing up multiple times on the search results page.

Snooth does not sell wine, but has partnered with several leading wine merchants, such as Astor Wines & Spirits, and K&L Wine Merchants to enable its users to buy wine. It also provides a direct link to 300 wine brands sold by top wineries through its partner Inertia Beverage Group.

"We created Snooth to make wine-buying less confusing to the aspiring wine-drinker," says Snooth Founder, Philip James. "Snooth is sophisticated enough to support the needs of the wine connoisseur, but is designed to help the average consumer with limited wine knowledge to find the wines that are best-suited to them personally."

"Snooth's revolutionary new software allows for the seamless translation of our customers' own language and experiences with wine into truly informed choices. In doing so, Snooth has programmatically solved a problem hitherto only done by a knowledgeable salesperson," says Andrew Fisher, Owner of Astor Wines & Spirits. "This is a groundbreaking tool, and we at Astor are simply thrilled to integrate it into the way we do business."

In anticipation of its full launch, Snooth will continue to add features and build its partnerships over the coming months. Visit Snooth at to sign up today.

About Snooth
Snooth promises to revolutionize the way people choose wine.

By combining the company's proprietary algorithms with the world's most comprehensive wine database, Snooth is able to accurately identify the wines best-suited to an individual.

Snooth analyzes a user's unique set of interactions with the site and, using its powerful recommendation engine, leverages this digital fingerprint to generate highly-personalized wine recommendations. Snooth also interprets wine queries more naturally and optimizes the relevancy of search results, by incorporating semantic search elements into its core technology.

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Natalya Murakhver