Illuminated Ticket Board Designed to Increase Police Officer Safety

Costa Mesa, CA, June 08, 2007 --( StacoSwitch announced they will offer a unique, innovative Ticket Board designed by a police officer with safety in mind. The Ticket Board features several safety enhancements making traffic stops safer and more convenient, particularly at night.

The Ticket Board’s illuminated ticket area and lighted license magnifier eliminate the need for a flashlight or overhead dome light and increase readability of critical information at traffic stops. The Ticket Board contains illuminated LCDs which indicate the current date and time as well as future court dates. In addition, a license and accessory rail are included to easily mount optional accessories or two additional driver licenses.

The Ticket Board’s rechargeable battery makes it practical and easy to use. The “Gold Package” comes with a DC adapter that recharges in the car via a 12-Volt adapter and an AC adapter to recharge at home or in the station. Also included is a storage unit, insert clips, organizer bag, and note pads.

About StacoSwitch:
Based in Southern California, StacoSwitch has been a leading provider of Rugged keyboards and keypads, lighted pushbutton display switches and indicators, lighting and switching electronic controllers, LED products, and digital pulse dimmers worldwide for over 45 years. StacoSwitch serves a wide variety of highly reliable switch markets from the extreme demands of U.S. military and law enforcement to extended repetitive wear conditions in commercial markets, from caustic hazardous waste environments to crucial medical instrumentation fields. StacoSwitch continues to be a leader with field proven experience in these demanding, rapidly growing global markets.

Michelle McCann