EntitySpaces 2007 Released to Production

Noblesville, IN, June 09, 2007 --(PR.com)-- EntitySpaces, LLC has released EntitySpaces 2007, a major update to their persistence layer and business object system. This release improves upon its binding, transaction, and DynamicQuery capabilities. New features include support for medium trust, the .NET Compact Framework, and paging. The new databases supported are Microsoft SQL Ce and VistaDB. EntitySpaces now includes the esDataSource control for ASP.NET data binding support.

EntitySpaces 2007, is a major advancement over its predecessor (1.5.3), released at the end of last year. During this time, the testing and feedback provided by customers, and those evaluating the beta, has been superb. David Parsons, a member of the EntitySpaces Team, states, "The production release of EntitySpaces 2007 would not be as solid as it is without the help of our customers and trial users. This was especially important for testing binding to third party controls and for mobile development."

EntitySpaces 2007 Major New Features:

* Medium Trust Support.
* ASP.NET Data Binding Support via the esDataSource Control.
* Two Way Data Binding through INotifyPropertyChanged.
* .NET Compact Framework Support for Mobile Devices.
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and VistaDB 3.0 support.
* Improved Transaction support via esTransactionScope.
* Improved DynamicQuery support.
* Built in paging support for Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

EntitySpaces 2007 can scale from mobile devices to large scale enterprise solutions in need of serious transaction support. Code generation reduces time to delivery, whether developing an ASP.NET application with medium trust requirements, or a Windows.Forms application. Available in both C# and VB.NET, EntitySpaces is provider independent. The same binary code can run against any of the supported databases. It uses no reflection, no XML files, and sports a tiny foot print of less than 200k. Pound for pound, EntitySpaces is one tough, dependable .NET architecture.

For documentation, sample code, customer testimonials, and a full-featured, 45-day Trial Version, visit http://www.entityspaces.net.

EntitySpaces, LLC
David Parsons