The Reverend Jessy Sharpten Show

Hillside, NJ, June 12, 2007 --( George Cook owner of the web site Let's Talk Honestly at is proud to announce the launch of the Reverend Jessy Sharpten Show Starring, written, & directed by George L. Cook III . A web tv show about a racist, sexist, and homophobic black minister as he talks about the touchy issues of race, politics, & sexuality in America.

Mr. Cook created the show to look at racial issues in America after watching several cable news shows and coming to the conclusion that many of the talking heads on television had little to no idea about how many black people actually thought or how they lived. Mr. Cook took what he heard and began writing what would become the Reverend Jessy Sharpten Show.

Reverend Sharpten was created to be a funny mirror on racism, sexism, and homophibia in America and to show the ignorance of hate. The show can be watched at

Let's Talk Honestly
George Cook