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NovaTeinBio Adds New Antibodies to Company Catalogue

Boston, MA, May 30, 2012 --( Reagents providers NovaTeinBio have recently announced that they have added several new types of Antibodies to the company’s comprehensive catalogue. The new Antibodies being introduced to the company catalogue are designed to help researchers determine the maturation of cells and therefore the progression and course of specific diseases.

NovaTeinBio continues to lead the field in terms of offering the very best in high performance diagnostic tools for country-wide research teams. In addition to helping teams determine the level of maturation within cells, Antibodies are often used as receptors in order to alter the behavior of the cell to meet specific application requirements.

One of the recent Antibodies to be introduced to the company catalogue is CD23 Human Recombinant. This antigen is ideal for those that are researching possible treatments for lymphocytic leukemia because the CD23 antigen has been strongly expressed in neoplastic cells from cases of chronic lymphocytic B cells and certain cases of centroblastic lymphoma. Teams across the country have found that by cross-linking the CD23 molecule, they can deliver a negative growth signal to the leukemic B cells. Researchers can utilize the CD23 Human Recombinant to test set samples within a laboratory environment and therefore improve the speed of their research.

Clients can ensure they have the ideal tools for successful testing by contacting the NovaTeinBio team directly and discussing the various Antibodies that the company now has available. Please visit for more information.
Robert Guo