Seon Launches Yet Another First in Mobile Surveillance — New Outdoor High-Definition Bus Camera Combined with Seon’s 5-Channel DVR is the Perfect Pair for HD

Seon introduces the latest in mobile surveillance with new outdoor rated high-definition bus camera and 5-channel DVR system that provides absolute reliability with the clearest image quality to date.

Coquitlam, Canada, May 29, 2012 --( The world’s #1 mobile surveillance systems supplier**, Seon Design, announces the first cost-effective, outdoor IP67-rated, high-definition bus camera in the industry. Seon’s one of a kind CHW HD camera, combined with new MX-HD 5-channel DVR, is the essential solution for applications where picture perfect image quality is imperative. The combination of the MX-HD and the CHW HD camera gives bus operators the value they deserve, and the reliability of clear, crisp resolution to keep passengers and drivers safe.

“The CHW high-definition camera is one of a kind in the industry. Three times the resolution allows you to see license plates more clearly across a wider field-of-view. The camera is a perfect solution for catching stop-arm violators,” says Peter Simmons, Director of Marketing. “The CHW used as a front-facing camera allows for a more detailed image to assist in accident reconstruction so that you know exactly what happened.”

The CHW and the MX-HD is highly innovative, and the high-definition allows for utmost clarity and precision that no bus camera has delivered thus far. “The new Seon HD camera is a great tool for a fleet supervisor to have…it’s just like looking out the window,” says Cliff Berchtold, Transportation Director of Monroe-Woodbury CSD. Stellar reviews on the CHW and MX-HD combination make it clear that Seon’s high-definition solution is a success: “I can honestly say the picture is really phenomenal!” raves Marco DiCicco, Transportation and Safety Supervisor of Bremerton, SD.

CHW High-definition Bus Camera Features:

· 1280 x 720 pixel resolution/30 FPS (720p) using progressive scan technology
· 2.5 or 16 mm lens for wide-angle or telephoto applications
· Rugged, weatherproof metal housing to withstand harsh conditions, including bus wash
· 350° rotating gimbal to support vertical and angular mounting

MX-HD DVR Features:

· 720p HD video channel and four analog DI video channels with audio (each channel records up to 30 FPS)
· Stores up to 750 GB for plenty of recording space
· GPS-ready with features like geo-fencing

To learn more about the CHW high-definition camera and the MX-HD DVR, or Seon’s entire leading fleet management and mobile surveillance solutions, visit, or contact:

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Seon Design Inc. is ranked as the world’s #1 supplier of mobile video surveillance for the bus and coach industry.** As a privately-owned company based in North America, Seon employs its own team of highly qualified electronics and mechanical engineers to design superior quality surveillance systems. Seon invests millions of dollars every year in product research and development, ensuring that we meet our client’s present and future needs. With a growing team of dedicated professionals, Seon will continue to design and develop leading-edge fleet management and mobile surveillance solutions now and in the future.

**The World Market for Mobile Video Surveillance Equipment, IMS Research, 2007, 2009, & 2011.

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