Climbing the Ladder: Reveals the Traits That Can Help Get You That Promotion's latest research reveals the personality traits and skills that can help employees improve their chances of getting promoted.

Montreal, Canada, May 30, 2012 --(, a pioneer in online personality, career, and IQ assessments has released its newest research on the type of traits that can be an asset for employees who are looking to move up in their company. PsychTests' research reveals that those who are actively eyeing a promotion are going to need to do more than just cross their fingers and hope to be picked.

Do people really know what they're getting into when they ask for a promotion, and if they do, do they have the traits and skills needed to handle it? Traits, according to PsychTests, such as the desire for growth and a stimulating work environment, a willingness to take on additional responsibility, leadership potential, confidence, initiative, adaptability, and the ability to cope with stress.Collecting data from nearly 2,000 people who took their Career Advancement Profile, PsychTests' statistics reveal that those who are ready for a career change tend to have a proactive "edge" to their attitude and behavior. PsychTests analysis showed that those who are ready for a promotion are more likely to:

- Thrive on change
- Want to be a part of the decision-making process in the company
- Be challenge-seekers
- Be on the constant lookout for opportunities to develop their potential
- Be active networkers (e.g. looking for business contacts at social gatherings)
- Be willing to accept that with career advancement comes the potential for additional stress - as long as it's not too intense
- Not only find it easy to learn a new task, but also show a willingness to learn even the most difficult of skills
- Confidently share their ideas with their boss - and even assertively disagree with their boss' ideas if they don't think they have merit
- Consistently put in the effort to make their work more efficient

Gender differences indicate that PsychTests' male sample show more of an edge in terms of reaching for that brass ring. They are much more willing than women to take on more responsibility and a leadership position, and have slightly higher levels of both confidence and initiative. In addition, PsychTests' sample of newly-promoted employees indicates that of all the traits assessed on the test, it was the desire to be a leader that propelled them to the top.

Employees from PsychTests' sample who indicated that they have been working really hard toward a promotion stood quite a way apart from their less proactive and less industrious counterparts. Those who have been putting in a lot of effort to get promoted showed a much stronger desire for growth (90 vs. 66 on a scale from 0 to 100), a greater willingness to take on more responsibility (70 vs. 43), stronger leadership potential (81 vs. 54), stronger desire for change and stimulation (87 vs. 67), more initiative (93 vs. 66), more confidence (86 vs. 59), better adaptability (83 vs. 66), and were also better at dealing with stress (80 vs. 54).

"Employees seeking a higher-level position, like supervisor or manager, need to fully understand what being promoted entails - they need to be prepared, or they risk being totally overwhelmed," explains Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of the company. "Being promoted means being responsible for your own work as well as other people's. It means dealing with employee grievances, firing unproductive employees, and making major decisions that could have a huge impact on the company. This is what catches a lot of people off-guard. They think moving up the ladder means status and power - what they don't anticipate is huge amount of stress and responsibility that comes with it."

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