New Book Helps Fibromyalgia Sufferers Combat Disease Through Exercise

Michigan Doctors Show How to Start and Maintain Exercise Program That Works.

Novi, MI, June 01, 2012 --( Exercise is important to anyone who wants to be healthy, but it poses special problems for those suffering from fibromyalgia (FMS). Sharon Ostalecki, Ph.D. and executive director of the Novi non-profit organization, Helping Our Pain & Exhaustion, has teamed with Barry Franklin, Ph.D. and Martin Tamler, MD to publish, “Fibromyalgia: Benefits of Regular Exercise,” showing sufferers how to start and maintain a personal exercise program.

“Our new book is an exercise guide, or road map, for those living with fibromyalgia. The key to success is moderation and pacing. Numerous studies demonstrate that even small amounts of exercise, as little as 6 minutes per day, can lessen pain and fatigue for fibromyalgia patients,” said fibromyalgia expert and co-author Ostalecki.

“It's common for well-meaning people to tell fibromyalgia sufferers something like, if you'd just exercise more, you'd feel better. No one manages fibromyalgia without help. They need help understanding and incorporating a personal exercise program into their healing journey,” said Dr. Ostalecki.

“Fibromyalgia: Benefits of Regular Expercise,” suggests yoga as a great fibromyalgia exercise for pain management. Others include pilates, biking, and walking. “We encourage fibromyalgia sufferers to try to be consistent with their exercises. If they can exercise up to 30 minutes a day, they can try yoga for the first 15 minutes and walk for the last 15, as long as they’re consistent,” added Ostalecki.

“As fibromyalgia sufferers start to feel more healthy and fit, they should start to increase the intensity of their exercises. People who suffer from fibromyalgia tend to push their bodies either too much or too little, so they should make sure they increase the intensity of their exercises to the level that their body can handle,” said Ostalecki. “Fibromyalgia exercise can be difficult at first, but you will begin to feel healthier and notice that you have more energy,” she added.

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The author of numerous books, Sharon Ostalecki, Ph.D. ( graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelors’ of Science degree and a Masters degree in Physical Science. Dr. Ostalecki holds a Ph.D. in nutrition and specializes in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. She is a Certified Integrative Health Coach practicing in Novi, Michigan. For the past 10 years Dr. Ostalecki has lectured internationally, and has written and published several articles on fibromyalgia.
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