Fantasy Politics Wins Competition for Admission Into MassChallenge

Fantasy Politics, which applies fantasy sports dynamics to politics and sells political data, is recognized for its unique gaming experience. Only 1 out of 10 applicants is accepted into MassChallenge, one of the top accelerators in America.

San Francisco, CA, June 02, 2012 --( Fantasy Politics applies fantasy sports dynamics to politics. The mission of Fantasy Politics is to engage and educate the American public about its leaders and the political process and to give political junkies an online gaming experience to compete with each other.

The competition to get into MassChallenge is fierce. MassChallenge accepted Fantasy Politics as one of 125 finalists out of 1,237 applicants. MassChallenge chooses some of America's most promising startups and offers them mentorship, office space and access to sources of capital. The MassChallenge application process includes a written application, voting by the public and in-person presentations to judges for those companies that make it through the first round of judging.

The Fantasy Politics team will be based in Boston for the 3 month accelerator program. Its already impressive list of advisors - which includes Rahm Emanuel's campaign manager, Arnold Schwarzenneger's press secretary, Mitt Romney's 2008 national field director and the treasurer of the Democratic National Committee - will be supplemented by MassChallenge's large stable of America's top mentors and advisors.

According to Fantasy Politics CEO Aaron Michel, "We're honored to have been accepted and are excited to work side by side with the nation's hottest startups. MassChallenge will help Fantasy Politics get its free game into the hands of millions of political junkies and fantasy sports fans around the country."

Rock the Vote, Intrade, Open Secrets, Eucalyptus, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, National College Republicans, and Voto Latino have partnered with Fantasy Politics. The game is a perfect fit for the tumultuous 2012 election season.

About the company: Fantasy Politics applies fantasy sports dynamics to politics. Similar to fantasy sports, in Fantasy Politics competitors draft a team of national political figures, including pundits, and then compete head-to-head with other teams in their league. Competitors can trade and drop politicians or sign free agents just as they would in fantasy sports. Points are accrued through several measurable metrics such as social media followers, news mentions, polling, and fundraising.

Aside from the gaming experience, Fantasy Politics collects over 30 data points on every politician and aggregates them into a Power Score, a relative measure of political momentum. The Power Score quantifiably measures the current influence, effectiveness, and popularity of a politician or pundit into a score between 0-100. All of this data is easily accessible on the website.
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