Bühler SORTEX A Sets New Benchmark for High Capacity Rice Processors

Advanced Buhler technologies have created, in the SORTEX A, the most flexible, reliable, cost-effective rice sorting solution that enables 20pc higher capacity per module than was previously possible.

London, United Kingdom, June 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- When revolutionary design improvements are incorporated within an established market leading product, it is normally a cue for a large scale launch programme. But the introduction of the British designed and built five chute SORTEX A did not require high profile exposure . Within less than a year of its release, 125 sorters have already been bought by some of the world's most astute, efficiency conscious, high capacity rice processors.

When you consider the benefits, it's easy to see why there has been such a positive response. While the SORTEX A's pioneering feed technology delivers product more evenly and consistently, capacity is boosted by up to 20pc per module with no decrease in yield. Much less breakage is experienced because the accept receptacle slows rice grains prior to their exit from the sorter. Overall adding increased value the longer the machine is running.

Sealed optical boxes protect optical components from dust and the open construction prevents product accumulation and ensures that sorter cleaning is as simple as possible.

There is a vital benefit in waste reduction thanks to the SORTEX A's reverse sort capability. This means that reject can be re-sorted with greater precision. Costs are minimised because air consumption is reduced and the significant reduction in the loss of good grains leads to a higher quality end result. Quality and yield are also improved by new camera sensors, lenses and lighting that enable detection of more subtle yellow colour defects without sacrificing good grains.

Doug Hodgkiss, Project Manager, is keen to highlight the technical factors that contribute to processor efficiency and profitability. “Consistent throughput is achieved by monitoring signals from a strain gauge above the feed hopper thus enabling the automatic adjustment of the SORTEX A vibrator setting to match capacity in the process line. Moreover, heat management within the control box and state-of-the-art lamp and vibrator control circuits, lead to increased uptime that maximises productivity.”

In the SORTEX A, Buhler Sortex is living up to its declared vision of “Safe Food, Clean Food” and its Total Care programme will ensure complete peace of mind.
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