The Cereal Bowl
The Cereal Bowl

The Cereal Bowl Announces Its New Corporate Headquarters in Miami, Florida

The Cereal Bowl's New Corporate Headquarters in Miami, Florida will also home to Cereal Bowl University, the company’s new training center.

Miami, FL, June 13, 2007 --( The Cereal BowlTM is happy to have found its new home and headquarters at The Greenery in Miami, Florida. The New Offices will serve as the company’s headquarters for the corporate offices as well as a fully functional classroom known as Cereal Bowl UniversityTM which together with the company’s flagship Miami cafe will serve as the primary training facilities for its National Expansion.

The Cereal Bowl has spent the last several months working on expanding their concept and creating products that can be successful in a variety of different markets. Creating proprietary menu items such as Freeze ‘N Flakes which infuses different popular cereals into frozen yogurt and their trademarked Oaties which are a unique blend of oats and smoothies, The Cereal Bowl has become great place to visit all day long. "Creating unique products and proprietary recipes gives us the chance to offer something more to our franchisees than others in the market can provide," said Vice-President and Co-founder Joshua Rader. In addition to their new menu items, The Cereal Bowl has begun utilizing the services of Carlton Fields, a major Miami law firm specializing in the protection of Intellectual Property as well as Franchise Expansion.

During 2007, The Cereal BowlTM and its young entrepreneurs, after two years of National Media exposure, have been flooded with phone calls and emails asking for them to bring The Cereal Bowl brand to their community. In less than a year, over 1,500 franchise requests and investment inquires have made it clear to The Cereal Bowl team that their idea for a cereal cafe had sparked a fire with other entrepreneurs throughout North America and around the World.

The Cereal Bowl expects to have 3 new locations open and 30 stores under development by the end of 2007. In 2008 The Cereal Bowl is expected to launch a Kiosk design to accommodate new locations in venues such as airports, malls and college campuses. “The Kiosk option is something we have been working on since we first created our business plan in college,” said President and CEO Kenneth Rader. “We have had a great deal of interest from people wanting to bring The Cereal Bowl brand to their campus food courts as well as interest from major transportation hubs such as airports and train stations.”

About The Cereal Bowl

The Cereal Bowl is a new breed of cafe fusing an old time favorite, with a new and exciting twist. Guests are able to make their own cereal creations or pick from one of many unique combinations created by The Cereal Bowl Team. With over 35 cereals hot and cold as well as 60 plus toppings, the possibilities are endless. The experience does not end with the bowl. Cereal bars, oatmeal smoothies known as Oaties, and cakes will take cereal to a whole new level. WIFI Internet, couches, televisions, newspapers, and periodicals add to the ambiance of The Cereal Bowl.

Founded in 2004 by twenty-something entrepreneurs Kenneth Rader, Joshua Rader, and Michael Glassman. The inspiration for The Cereal Bowl was a product of their college days when they noticed that the average diet of a college student often times consisted of a bowl of cereal as a quick and appetizing alternative. The Cereal Bowl expands on this enticing snack by offering a new way of partaking in one of America’s favorite eating pastimes.

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The Cereal Bowl
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