Female Hero: How She Battles Cancer with a Touch of Sweetness

Susan Stachler is a female hero in her own little way. Battled and survived cancer, she believes that one of the reasons why she surpassed the Big C is because of humour and a little bit of nutritious sweets- her Susansnaps gingersnaps. Today, all her Susansnaps proceeds go to the Susan Carver Foundation in helping fund cancer research institutions.

Novato, CA, June 07, 2012 --(PR.com)-- HeroBook features Susan Stachler and her family business Susansnaps. A female hero that is passionate in funding cancer research for a better, more accurate treatment for the different kinds of cancer patients.

Susansnaps is a product line of gingersnaps cookies where all sales are transferred into the funds of the Susan Carver Foundation, a non-profit organization that caters to cancer research institutes. Her gingersnaps were featured on various cooking and lifestyle talk shows and newspapers due to her business’ advocacy to help find a better, more accurate treatment for cancer.

HeroBook, a website that contains a collection of stories about different kinds of heroes all over the world, proudly presents female hero, Susan Stachler. She is an example of a person who continues to inspire her fellowmen with the nobility and selflessness of her deeds and her organization. Therefore, HeroBook thinks that her story should be able to inspire its readers.

The feature mentioned that the Susan Carver Foundation was named after Sue’s aunt whom she was named after as well. Her late aunt died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of lymphoma which is a cancer originating from white blood cells called lymphocytes. When Susan Stachler was a senior in high school, her father went to treatment for cancer. When she turned 22, she was diagnosed with the same disease as well. Thankfully, she survived the battle. Thus, Susansnaps was born.

While undergoing therapy and treatment, Sue’s mother Laura would make her and her father gingersnaps. Studies have shown that ginger has the nutritious capacity of killing cancer cells and regenerating healthy ones at the same time. Plus aside from the fact that gingersnaps help ease Sue’s treatment, they were undeniably yummy treats.

Susansnaps today has created an advocacy where all proceeds are directed to the Susan Carver Foundation. The founders of this organization aim to enlighten the burden of cancer patients through supporting them morally and providing funds for the continuous research for cancer treatment.

Cancer is a dreaded disease that not only deteriorates one’s health but one’s life and the lives of the loved ones involved as well. Sue believes that nobody deserves to have cancer however she was thankful that she was able to experience and survive it for the incident changed her life. Today, she is devoted in helping find a better cure for cancer. Along the way, she wants to make it as light and happy as possible. Since the best cure is by going through life’s obstacles with a bit of humour and a smile on the face. Learn more and be inspired by Sue’s story.
Alexis Krosov