Divorce Rate in the United States: Is it on the Decline?

Heavenly Matched--an ambitious Texas-based company-- says the concept of a declining divorce rate isn't necessarily far fetched.

Webster, TX, June 16, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A declining divorce rate? Most Americans would yell “poppycock” at such a bold statistic, but for Heavenly Matched (www.heavenlymatched.com)--an ambitious Texas-based company--the concept of a declining divorce rate isn't necessarily far fetched.

Why? Well, to answer that question, you might have to ask another: Are lasting marriages and long-term relationships really that important to modern Americans? One study would seem to reflect that they are:

In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive® it was found that “63% of single adults think that a long-term committed relationship is important for a happy and fulfilling life...” and yet cynicism and doubt also have their place in the American subconscious. In fact, 78% of those surveyed agree that “the divorce rate in the U.S. is increasing because people get married for the wrong reasons.”

That begs the question: What are the wrong reasons and if everyone could marry for the right reasons would the divorce rate decline?

Heavenly Matched might yell a resounding, yes. Why? Because Heavenly Matched knows that relationships can often be based on the wrong foundations. Prime examples are marriages entered into for physical or financial motives. Unhealthy emotional connections could also motivate a couple to marry or continue a festering relationship. The wrong foundations don't have to be become a habit however. Heavenly Matched wants to bridle the “wrong” relationship tides and turn them around by encouraging and enabling clients to identify not only the physical and financial attributes of a potential long term partner, but the religious, psychological, sexual, and emotional characteristics as well.

How do they plan on turning the raging tide? Heavenly Matched boasts a Psychological Personality Profile developed by 28 psychologists. According to Larry Kelly, the Developmental Director of Heavenly Matched, the profile can take from 1 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the client. The time may seem lengthy but Kelly bluntly queries, “Would you rather spend a few hours preventing a bad marriage or 10 years in a bad marriage that ends in divorce and another dysfunctional family?”

He's that confident.

“To make a great marriage you start with demographic, personality and psychological compatibility. Then you add the chemistry and you get 'Happily Ever After,'” says Kelly.

Heavenly Matched also provides additional benefits for serious online daters:

1. Video Introduction
2. Video Chat
3. Matching Technology
4. Relationship Forecasting
5. Focus on serious relationships

Are we in the midst of an online dating tradition where romance is aided by the ever so frigid science of a personality profile? Perhaps. And who knows? Maybe it will lead even the cynics to a declining divorce rate.

Only time will tell.

For more information about the Heavenly Matched online dating services, you can visit http://www.heavenlymatched.com.

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