Online Relationship Help Site Launches Making Professional Help Affordable to Everyone

New online relationship help site is a community of relationship therapists and counselors providing affordable and professional relationship answers in a private, discrete, and convenient environment. No more driving needed.

San Francisco, CA, June 12, 2012 --( New online relationship help site has launched today and started taking questions immediately. Their goal is to have the capability to answer 100 relationship questions a day by year’s end. At this first stage, they estimate that 90% of their customers will be US based. They will grow internationally once they have signed gateway companies that extend beyond the 48 contiguous states.

This is not a static site listing popular relationship answers. Each question that comes into the site is answered specifically by one of their credentialed panelists specializing in relationship therapy. They say the answers are like a condensed version of an actual therapy session, just right to the point. They are required to provide between 200 and 400 words per answer.

They currently have 20 “Specialists” on their professional panel ready to answer customer’s questions. The panel is a mix of licensed and credential relationship therapist, counselors, and social workers. All of LoveAnswer’s “Specialists” must go through a tough verification process before they are accepted into the system. These requirements include taking a screening test, filling out an in-depth application process, and then getting all their credentials and educational degrees verified by a 3rd party company.

The driving force behind LoveAnswer is that more people will have access to relationship professionals because of the affordability and convenience LoveAnswer provides.

LoveAnswer is the first to acknowledge that this is not traditional “Therapy.” That has to be done face to face and over an extended period of time. On the other hand, many people do not need that kind of help.’s customers are individuals facing tough situations in their relationship and are looking for some guidance, direction, and some kind of action plan from a professional. They provide the answers to customer questions.

How it works: Customers go online, and submit a question which triggers a network wide broadcast message sent directly to the “Specialists” accounts. They open the question and decide if they can provide a professional answer that helps. Once they decide to select the answer, the customer gets an email acknowledging who will answer the question and brief bio of that “Specialist.” The panel is required to answer the question within a few minutes after accepting the question. Customers are allowed to ask a free follow up question if they need one. Customers get their private answers sent directly to their email accounts usually within minutes of asking the question.

About is an online community of relationship therapists and counselors providing affordable and professional relationship help to individuals struggling in their relationship. You ask a relationship question, and one of our credentialed therapists or counselors will e-mail your private answer within minutes. is a convenient and private way to get professional help for those who would otherwise not have the financial means or time to seek the traditional counseling approach.

We believe that getting answers, direction, and guidance from a professional can be the start of a long term solution and make the day a whole lot better. Going alone is not a good strategy. Love can hurt, and when it does we can help.

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