Successful Internet Businesses Find a Home at the New

With the launch of their new website and expanded Internet business service offerings, aims to make the new generation of Internet Entrepreneurs more successful than ever before.

St. Louis Park, MN, June 15, 2007 --( Web 2.0. You may have heard the phrase, but probably don’t really know what it means. Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of Internet-based services & applications that online businesses use. The second generation is providing services such as social networking sites, wikis, blogs, vlogs, folksonomics, and communication tools that emphasize online cooperation & information sharing – and it is these services that will make Internet businesses successful in the next decade.

With a myriad of new and exciting Internet business technologies on the rise, there is sure to be a surge of entrepreneurs looking to start an internet business on their own, but there is a problem – where can aspiring Internet business owners go to find answers to their questions and find resources to launch and grow their businesses? Until now, the answer was scouring the Internet, but this kind of research takes literally hundreds of hours to do correctly. The growing need for Internet business resources, advice and products is exactly why the 3 guys at ( ) completely revamped, expanded and relaunched the new website.

At ( ), it’s all about Internet business – and the customers.

The new website specializes in helping Internet entrepreneurs develop their own Internet business ideas, and providing them with all the resources and services they will need right at their fingertips. Jeff Foster, President and Marketing Director of the innovative company, explains the reason behind the website redesign: "We realized that there was so much more information and resources that we could make available to our customers to help them start a successful Internet business. The new site has a complete suite of resources - including website design, consulting services and our new Internet Business Finder service - that our customers can take advantage of. And we are truly here to help – people can chat with me for no charge if they have a question or simply want advice. That’s the philosophy.”

To meet the unfilled need for a one-stop Internet business resource, the new website has 6 main divisions:

1. Rent a Programmer – Hire experienced programmers
2. Rent an Internet Marketer – Hire experienced internet marketers
3. Learn How – The internet business ‘knowledge’ page
4. Hire Us - All-In-One internet business solutions
5. Ideas – Idea sharing and brainstorming
6. Marketplace – Innovative internet business products, services and resources

The new website also integrates a ‘Chat’ page, where customers can log in, ask and receive answers to their Internet business questions at no charge - and with no strings attached. In addition to offering the most innovative Internet business resources available anywhere, shows its commitment to entrepreneurs with the strongest customer service program in the industry.

The team knows that the reason over 95% of Internet businesses fail is not lack of skill – but simply a lack of knowledge and resources. The new website will help improve those odds.

For more information on how to start a successful Internet business, or to simply get answers to a question, contact Jeff Foster at

Jeff Foster