Corset Company Offers Exclusive Wholesale-Only Corset Line with a Lifetime Guarantee

Austin, TX, June 11, 2012 --( Timeless Trends Corsets, an Austin, Texas-based corset design company, announced that they will be offering a line of corsets exclusively to their wholesale customers.

The wholesale-only line of corsets will come with a lifetime guarantee, steel boning & busks, reinforced fabrics, and a custom label so wholesale customers may sell the corsets as their own house brand.

Timeless Trends will offer multiple photos and descriptions for all new corsets. You won’t have to be an expert to resell these. Timeless Trends also supplies a very accurate size chart to minimize exchanges.

Unlike all other corsets offered by Timeless Trends the wholesale-only line will not appear on their website unless you have registered as a wholesale customer.

Timeless Trends Corsets has been providing high quality, tight lacing, fashion corsets for more than a decade. Their corsets have been perfected in design and comfort and come with a lifetime guarantee.
Timeless Trends Corsets
Rebecca Cote