Kerri Elizabeth Announces the Official Launch of is ready to take the concept of fitness and nutrition to a whole new level.

North Tacoma, WA, June 13, 2012 --( Kerri Elizabeth, passionate fitness coach, nutrition expert and health fitness writer, is excited to announce the opening of her website, through which she explains the importance of fitness, nutrition and how it impacts every area of life.

Some of the innovative features of are that it includes healthy, delicious recipes which are easy and quick to make, interactive videos for different workouts, informational articles showcasing the ins and outs of fitness and what works and fitness and nutrition myths busters.

“Insideoutfitnessandnutrition was born out of my love of fitness and nutrition, and my desire to give back,” says the founder, Kerri Elizabeth. “My dream is to spread the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise and healthy meals. My new website, will allow people to continue their fitness routines wherever they may be in the world, and it will allow them to exercise in a fun way, and how to stay dedicated to their health and fitness routine,” she further adds.

Kerri is committed to help her clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, gaining confidence, making healthier choices and looking beautiful Inside Out. Her services are focused on improving health and quality of life. Her deep knowledge and experience allow her to engage and encourage groups and individuals, working women, teens, busy professionals and senior citizens.

One of her clients Jesse Cawyer says, “Kerri is the most amazing personal trainer ever! She is just a phenomenal individual, in and out of the gym, with an 'I will change the world one person at a time' attitude. She was able to evaluate and refine a program just for me that was fun and effective. She has made herself available anytime I need help with nutrition, or even if I’m just feeling discouraged. She sends out newsletters and tips to help me stay focused and on track. Kerri has enabled me go from 295 lbs to 245 lbs in about 5 months. I have increased my muscle mass and shredded my fat stores all at the same time. There is no way I could have done this without her!”

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About Kerri Elizabeth:
Fitness and nutrition is the passion of Kerri's life. She loves making a difference in other people’s lives! She writes fitness and nutrition articles for ATTU Magazine. She has been in the field of fitness training and nutrition for over 25 years.

She has experienced life from many angles in health and fitness. I willingly go to great lengths to help anyone with a desire to do better. She is a member of the SWAT institute/ Specializing in Woman’s health nutrition and life Coaching. Kerri currently trains long distance as well and does nutritional counseling by phone and internet.

Kerri Elizabeth is a mother, wife, nina (grandma), friend, confidant and so much more.

More information can be found online at
Kerri Elizabeth
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