The Real Life Heroes of the Ecosystem Has to be the Whole World

Real life heroes show their support in taking action on saving the earth. Environmental visionaries and activists featured.

Novato, CA, June 16, 2012 --( HeroBook presents the people fighting for global warming and other human-inflicted environment threats. These real life heroes have been doing the best they can by saving the world one day at a time. The Earth is facing major threats on climate change because of the continuous acts of global warming. As it cannot speak on its own, visionaries, activists, and innovators handled the job.

Environmental activism has always been in the scene because of the ongoing environment threatening activities done by man. The sad truth is, not everything the earth offers is renewable. If we do not learn how to conserve our resources, it is possible to lose them in the near future.

HeroBook is a website that contains inspiring stories about people who have done heroic acts in their own way. Heroes are categorized as famous, real life, modern day, female, Greek and epic. HeroBook instills in its readers minds the many definitions of heroism and that anyone can be a hero in their own way.

Saving the environment is a tough job. It involves seven billion people within a circumference of 25,000 miles. Its seven continents, forests in thousands of acres, millions of species and hundreds of recent studies. The world has given us so much – food, shelter, land, water, air etc. – that it’s time for us to repay. With leaders of the societies today, little by little, we give way for a better change.

Al Gore is one of the most famous environmental visionaries of today. He was the former vice president of the USA. When he lost the match for presidency, Gore didn’t stop until he placed his visions into actions. He published a book that stirred the world entitled “The Inconvenient Truth.” He established several huge environmental organizations in fighting climate change. In other terms, Al Gore has managed to create a worldwide movement.

Saving the earth is not Al Gore’s fight alone. There are hundreds of organizations and thousands of activists that continue to spread awareness and take actions in helping the environment. Some of these people are featured in HeroBook’s latest posts. For more information about these environmental, real life heroes, check out
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