Timestamp Technology, LLC Develops Solution to Beat ICANN’s Digital Archery Contest in the New gTLD Program

Timestamp Technology has developed a technological solution to ICANN’s gTLD Digital Archery contest. The best score, although nearly impossible, is zero. Timestamp has repeatedly scored zero or within milliseconds of zero in testing. They are now offering the service to other applicants with a guarantee that if they fail, they will refund the plus pay the applicant.

Timestamp Technology, LLC Develops Solution to Beat ICANN’s Digital Archery Contest in the New gTLD Program
Kansas City, MO, June 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Timestamp Technology, LLC responds to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Number’s (ICANN) digital archery program with an innovative Solution. On June 13, 2012 ICANN announced that over 1,900 applicants would be competing for a space in the first gTLD review batch scheduled to begin in fall 2012.

ICANN plans for applicants to use a secondary time stamping process known as Digital Archery to compete with other applicants in hopes of scoring well enough to make it into the first review batch. With a limited number of spaces available to North American applicants it is essential for applicants to not leave much to chance.

Timestamp identified and evaluated the five variables, which affect the outcome of this contest. Then it eliminated each variable with a technical solution. Testing has proven this timestamp technology will hit the desired target time within a maximum of fifty milliseconds and as little as zero milliseconds. Timestamp launched their program Thursday, June 14, 2012 with such success that they have chosen, to open their service to other applicants.

“Timestamp has the only technology we are aware of to hit a perfect score of zero during extensive testing,” said Paul Spurgeon. “Fees are affordable and vary based on the number of applications requiring datestamps. We are so confident in our technology that we don’t just guarantee you results - we pay a penalty to you if we fall short.” Spurgeon says, "Our process is adaptable, it allows us to adjust for network variance, format changes, and human error, and it is really amazing to have a problem like this and to have the outcome exceed our most optimistic expectations."

Timestamp’s Paul Spurgeon says they developed this system “to specifically assist Dot Registry in the batching process but has now been expanded to brands. The new gTLD process is meant to revolutionize the Internet, not only providing consumers with a more efficient way to locate services, but also creating an unbelievable marketing opportunity for businesses. The big corporations have infinite resources to devote to staying competitive in this market, small businesses don’t. We wanted to develop something that puts us all on the same playing field.”

With a limited number of days left to generate a secondary timestamp during digital archery, Spurgeon encourages applicants to, “not wait to generate your timestamp. Services like ours are popping up all over, but we are the only service guaranteeing results." The digital archery process closes June 28, 2012. For more information on Timestamp’s services contact the Timestamp Team at (816) 979-1711 or info@timestamptech.com.
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ICANN Digital Archery Perfect Score

ICANN Digital Archery Perfect Score

Proof that a score of zero is possible. (Screenshot).