New Job Search Tool Instantly Turns Social Network Into Job Leads

Jobzey simplifies the job search by leveraging a job seeker's existing connections, making it easier for anyone to find a job.

Orlando, FL, June 22, 2012 --( Job seekers now have one less excuse as to why they are unemployed., a new website that instantly turns a person’s existing social network into a job searching engine, has launched with much excitement from those who are desperately seeking work.

The website lets people use popular social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to immediately find out what job openings exist within companies where they already have an inside connection. Users of the service can then get recommendations or referrals from the people they know within the companies, helping them get interviews with decision makers at those companies.

“With Jobzey, it only takes a couple clicks of the mouse to retrieve a list of actionable job listings of companies where a job seeker already has an inside connection,” said Mark Hall, the company’s founder.

Based on recent polls, the company may be on to something. According to industry experts, over 88 percent of employers prefer hiring a candidate who has been referred from an existing employee. Furthermore, over 50 percent of job seekers have stated that they use their social networks to find a job. Jobzey is simply making this process easier.

Experts have long touted the benefits of networking to land a job. LinkedIn built its success on being a professional networking website, encouraging people to create new connections with recruiters and employers. To the contrary, the founders of Jobzey see the benefits of utilizing existing connections on networks like LinkedIn to deliver job leads to those who need them.

“Why work for weeks, months or years trying to build new relationships when there is infinite value in your existing ones?” says Hall.

The founder of the Orlando-based company believes that Jobzey empowers job seekers by helping them avoid ‘resume purgatory,’ his term for the common scenario of one resume getting lost in a pile of hundreds of other resumes.

The company’s true success will be determined over time. As the unemployment rate continues to tread at historically high levels, Jobzey becomes an additional tool for those desperately seeking employment.

“The success of Jobzey translates into the success of millions of hopeful job seekers,” says Hall.

About Jobzey
Jobzey helps unemployed individuals find jobs by helping them leverage their social network to find job opportunities at the companies their friends and followers already work for. Jobzey’s services are available online at
Mark Hall