Discovered Missing Neutrons and 2 New Periodic Tables Provide Evidence of Parallel Universes

"This is exciting news that scientists at the Institut Laue-Langevin in France and University of l'Aquila, Italy, have observed that the missing neutrons were due to a Parallel Universe," 24 DNA Co-founder, Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Sacramento, CA, June 22, 2012 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Roseville, California, announced today that its 2 new Periodic Tables reinvented from Russian chemistry professor Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev and German chemist Julius Lothar Meyer who independently published their periodic tables in 1869 and 1870 provides another explanation to the discovered missing neutrons. The two Periodic Tables each are composed of 7 Periods, 4 Blocks, 32 Groups and 118 Elements. They are available immediately to download at Each Element has two Atomic Numbers and same Atomic Mass which accounts for all behaviors of Elements and proof of Parallel Universes.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “The 6/18/12 news by and ScienceDaily reported that in a paper recently published, in the European Physical Journal (EPJ), the researchers hypothesized the existence of mirror particles to explain the anomalous loss of neutrons observed experimentally. It stated that the observed results could be interpreted, in light of a hypothetical parallel world that consists of mirror particles. Each neutron would have the ability to transition into invisible mirror twin particles and back, oscillating from one world to another. This supports our discovered 2 Periodic Tables where 1 Table represents our Universe and the other, our sister Universe.”

“In our 2 Periodic Tables, we reorganized all the Elements based on our discovered ‘Universe Master Blueprint –YHWH-HWHY’ and ‘Molecule of Life – YHWH.’ Each Element has 2 Atomic Numbers and same Atomic Mass. What differentiates the two Tables is that the mass of the Right Handed Table is Proton dominant, Neutron recessive and Electrons orbit around the nucleus. This is our Universe’s Periodic Table or Matter Elements, which mirrors the Left Handed Table. The mass of the Left Handed Table is Neutron dominant, Proton recessive and Positron orbits the nucleus. This is our paralleled or sister Universe Periodic Table which represents Antimatter Elements. The hypothesized mirror particles are components of Elements in the second Table,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “By studying both our Periodic Tables, this will assist the scientific communities to design a new field of science but confirm the existence of a Parallel Universe. Also, both Tables have an extended version of which is composed of 10 Periods, 5 Blocks, 50 group and 218 Elements each, which lay out ‘how’ both Universes came into existence. It was from these two Periodic Tables that the other two Tables were derived from.”

“These are great times for learning. With our discoveries of 2 new Periodic Tables that represent both Universe and their building materials, discoveries from the Institut Laue-Langevin in France and University of l'Aquila, Italy, we can lay to rest the debate of the existence of Parallel Universes and the origin of our existence. Get your copy of the 2 new Periodic tables now at,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.
24 DNA
Maota Afamasaga