New Kettlebell Tabata Training Program Released

A new product from Cube Dweller Fitness combines Kettlebells and Tabata Training. This new product provides a solid background in the training approach and lays out ten specific workouts.

Colorado Springs, CO, June 23, 2012 --( Ten Kettlebell Tabatas is the newest training program from Cube Dweller Fitness. This new program combines kettlebells and Tabata training to provide a solid method for people to increase their fitness levels with short 4-minute workouts.

The Tabata Training Protocol is a form of high intensity interval training that has been proven to be more effective than 60 minutes of steady state cardiovascular training. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider that these workouts are only 4 minutes long.

This new program is being offered with a free introductory course that lays out a foundation about Tabata training. This free course, the Introduction to Tabata Training, includes four videos, a free ebook on Tabatas, and a video workout to get you started. This free ecourse gives people a full sample of what to expect in the full Ten Kettlebell Tabata program.
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