From Perpetual Automation to Perpetual Autorotation

Clearwater, FL, June 18, 2007 --( A new website is now launched for those who cannot get enough of spinning rotor blades. The new start-up called caters to all things relating to gyroplanes or autogiros.

The idea came from site developer Kenneth Fietz after building a gyroplane kit. Fietz states,"When building the gyroplane I needed information on general subjects and some specific topics particular to the kit we were building. I had to look all over the place to find it. The gyroplane is a unique aircraft and gathering all the resources took an extensive amount of time and energy. I collected all the information and posted it in as plain language as possible and then put it all under one roof so others would not suffer the same exasperations."

A gyroplane is a rotorcraft similar to a helicopter but with a free spinning rotor which is called autorotation. The rotors provide lift and the aircraft is normally propelled forward by a propeller. A gyroplane is very maneuverable like a helicopter but far cheaper to build, operate and maintain.

From general information, history, to selecting your own gyroplane to build and all the accessories, supplies and resources. Models, headsets, instruments, engines, clubs it is all there at the tip of your fingers no matter what country you are in. The site covers not only gyroplanes in the United States but other countries around the world as well. An extensive amount of high quality information is provided with links or web addresses to actually select the source, product or services needed. The plain language allows those not familiar with aviation or gyroplanes to get an easy grasp of this unique aircraft.

Also provided within the pages of this revolutionary website is a virtual walk through of the gyroplane systems that you would encounter in building a gyroplane kit. A logical general approach of what to consider when selecting a kit all the way through test flying and receiving flight training to the fun after the construction is complete. Everything to fuel your passion for gyroplanes.

As the gyroplane is in perpetual autorotation, is in perpetual automation. By entering the web address or doing a query search for gyroplanepassion will direct you to the site on any major search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Ask. The website is completely free and no registration is required to search this extensive bank of information.

Kenneth Fietz