Drug Free Ambassadors
Drug Free Ambassadors

Anti-Drug Campaign - Prime Minister Warns Kids Against Drugs

The Church of Scientology's Drug Free Ambassador group has highest ever crowds promoting a drug-free life at the festival over the weekend.

Glebe, Australia, November 20, 2005 --(PR.com)-- While the Prime Minister warns youth of drug taking and model Michelle Leslie makes her way home to Australia, youth here are having it tough with drug stats still rising.

Local stats for cannibis are increasing in the last five years per the Bureau of Crime Statistics and what that spells in terms of harm for youth is danger of depression, psychosis and suicide.

For over eleven years the Glebe volunteer group, the Drug Free Ambassadors, an initiative of the Church of Scientology, have fought this problem. They were in force at Glebe Street Fair and made some serious impact.

Thousands of people were spoken to on drugs. Spokesman Cyrus Brooks said of the day: "One person I spoke to was on drugs right at that moment and his eyes were dialated. We talked about marijuana, speed and what the dangers were and how it remained in your body. He thanked us for not judging him and took information and the website for looking up later. It's real help."

The group encountered many good stories including a former addict, Ivanka, wants to help get the word out and tell her story about how drugs harm the body and make a mess of your life. And it was actually the biggest event the Ambassadors ever had with the highest number of people signing the "drug free pledge" than ever before--770 people.

The promise states: "As a Drug-Free Ambassador, I pledge to lead the way by:
1. Leading a drug-free life.
2. Showing my friends that a drug-free life is more fun.
3. Helping my fellow drug-free ambassadors.
4. Learning more about how drugs really harm people.
5. Telling people the truth about the harmful effects of drugs.
6. Helping my family and friends to be drug-free.
7. Setting a good example to all children by leading the way to a drug-free Australia."

If you would like more information contact Cyrus on 9692 7308 or info@drugfreeambassadors.com.au.

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