Drug Free Ambassadors

Drug Free Ambassadors

The Drug-Free Ambassadors program is about properly educating young people about the harmful effects of drugs and asking them to make the decision to live a drug-free life. The campaign started in 1993 in Australia and thousands of kids have taken the drug-free pledge so far. The program is run by volunteers who really want to see happy, healthy youth, enjoying their lives without using chemicals to feel good. Drug use results in many problems across our society, such as bad health, possibly lung or liver cancer, deaths from driving while under the influence of alcohol, theft and criminal actions. Drugs can also bring about lower intelligence, an inability to think clearly and memory loss. It can make a person feel crazy or depressed so that he or she feels they need to take more drugs to feel "sane" or "normal" again. Drug use clouds the real world and seems to make problems be forgotten, when they are just getting worse. It can break up families and destroy friendships. Drugs destroy lives and included in this category are illegal drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy, cigarettes, illegal use of medical drugs and drinking alcohol to excess. Most kids use drugs because they are bored, curious about what it is like or they have problems that they don't know how to solve. There is often some pressure from their friends to try it or drugs become part of a social scene.

But there are a lot of drug-free ways to help yourself and others when you are bored or have problems and this is what the Drug-Free Ambassadors are all about. While it may be considered fashionable or cool to take drugs, the reality is that drugs are a trap that wastes your money, controls your life and puts poisons into young healthy bodies. Drug use ALWAYS catches up with a person. And who knows what the long term effects are? Bad health, maybe even cancer! We show the reality of drug taking and the longer term effects and harm created by drugs.

We hope that this website provides you with some useful information and that you too take the drug-free pledge and decide to live a drug-free life and so ensure your future happiness along with those who love you.

A drug prevention program sponsored by the Church of Scientology


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