Brings the American Farmer to Your Doorstep

California-based Company Aims to Take a Bite Out of Multi-Billion Dollar Market

Stockton, CA, July 02, 2012 --( From “recipe” to “chicken” to “cheese,” 15 of the 20 most re-pinned words on Pinterest (according to 'social media scientist' Dan Zarrella) are food-related. America’s long-standing love affair with food is gaining even more momentum, with ABC recently announcing another cooking reality show, this time starring Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson. We watch with excitement, as these celebrity chefs create magic from fresh ingredients -- juicy marbled steak, crisp vegetables, and succulent fruit -- hoping to replicate these restaurant-quality meals in our own kitchens. But many at-home chefs might be surprised by how “fresh” our food really is.

When was the last time you tasted a juicy, tree-ripened peach, hand-picked by a family farmer at the height of its flavor? Much of the produce available to us today has lost this fresh-from-the-farm flavor before we can even get it home. And any cook will tell you that dull ingredients make for dull meals.

California-based FromTheFarm is now leveraging technology to bring premium quality produce and gourmet food to consumers while helping family farmers build their businesses. Their website offers unique food finds, from juicy mangoes to premium Piedmontese beef, all shipped directly to your doorstep by American farmers within days of your order.

This strategy may well pay off. According to Phillip Lan, FromTheFarm’s general manager, the natural/organic food and beverage market will exceed $78 billion by 2015, (Nielson). This growing interest in healthier eating has spawned new farmer’s markets all over the country, with over a thousand new markets in 2011 alone, (USDA). However, many consumers still don’t have direct access to the finest produce and gourmet foods available today, giving FromTheFarm a unique opportunity to serve as America’s premier online farmer’s market.

FromTheFarm assures that no matter where they live, families can enjoy delicious food harvested at the peak of freshness by American farmers. In August, the company will also begin taking orders for their new subscription-based food clubs, an exciting way to support our American farmers, learn their unique stories and discover the freshest, best-tasting products available.


FromTheFarm proudly supports hard working American family farmers. Their online service brings the finest produce, gourmet meats and speciality foods direct to your doorstep. Customers can enjoy unique food finds, such as fresh Washington cherries, juicy California white peaches and ultra healthy quail eggs.

For more information, please visit or call (209) 645-0010. Find us on Facebook at and Twitter @FromTheFarm
Lorna Khoo
(209) 645-0010