The Largest Free Weekly Publication in the World is Now Available in Tarheel Country

Chapel Hill, NC, June 26, 2007 --( Coffee News Chapel Hill began in March 2007 and offers affordable, exclusive, and effective advertising for small to mid-sized businesses.

Coffee News is a 1-page free weekly publication that is distributed to area restaurants, coffee shops, and other places people wait for food or have some time to read. It is only 1 page, both front and back printed, to allow advertisers a guarantee that their ad will be viewed. Unlike the newspaper, or other publications, people do not have to sift through the papers to view your ad. Coffee News was created to allow maximum exposure for the advertiser by having the layout of the paper contain 17 subliminal techniques. A few of those techniques are listed below:

1.) The color of the paper is a light tan color which is pleasing to the eye, as would colored or just black and white paper.
2.) The placement of the ads are on the left or right, but never stuck in the middle. The funny stories, quotes, trivia, horoscopes, etc. are placed in the middle of the weekly. Therefore, when people read those things, their eyes are subconsciously gazing ads on the left and right.
3.) The borders around the ads are never closed, and are "S" shaped. Therefore, when someone looks at one ad, subconsciously, their eye traces the "S" of the border, and looks at the next ad, and then the next, and so forth.
4.) Coffee News is exclusive. Only one business per category is allowed to advertise; therefore, when people see an ad, it is the only one in that business category that is viewed. The ads are rotated on a weekly basis, so that everytime someone sees an ad, it looks familiar, but not the same. It’s basically another form of branding a business to a customer.
5.) All ads are the same size, so one ad is not overbearing another ad.
6.) Cofffee News is 1-page, so not only does it contain good reading, but it’s easy to handle with one hand.
7.) There is a monthly contest to "Find the Hidden Coffee News Guy", which is another guarantee that an ad is viewed. The Coffee News character is hidden in one ad, each week. The character is very small, so the reader has to scrutinize every ad to search for him, thus guaranteeing that each ad is viewed!

Coffee News is the largest free weekly publication in the world located over the whole United States as well as found in over 50 countries throughout the world. The specific territory is Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Therefore, ads can only be placed in Chapel Hill, but anyone can advertise. Coffee News is currently ranked on Entreprenuer’s Magazine as the #1 franchise for Advertising; Coffee News is also ranked in the top 20 list for the fastest growing franchise.

Advertising in Coffee News Chapel Hill is effective, affordable, and exclusive. It is effective, because the creator of Coffee News worked for a newspaper, and researched advertising techniques, etc to create the layout of Coffee News. The 17 subliminal techniques were a result of hard work and research to guarantee that an advertiser was getting their company noticed. Coffee News is affordable, because the local newspaper charges about $800 a day for the size ad (3’x2’). That’s just one day. Other independent publications allow all sorts of businesses, competitors and all to advertise, and if a business has enough money, they can get a full page. Too bad if a business cannot afford the hefty price that comes along with most print advertising! Coffee News has one ad size, so that every ad is viewed and smaller businesses don't have to compete with larger companies who have the money to pay for expensive advertising. Coffee News is exclusive, because only one business per category is allowed to advertise at one time. If a business is paying for advertising, what’s the point if their competitor is located on the next page?

Regarding prices, the rates are very affordable, from comparing to other publications. The rates are $40/week, with a minimum commitment of 17 weeks. 17 weeks minimum is used, because of proven advertising techniques. If you would like to reserve your business category in Coffee News, payment options are available; credit card, checks, and cash are all accepted. Their most popular rate is their yearly opt-out agreement that starts at 35$/week.

Coffee News Chapel Hill is currently distributed in 50 locations throughout Chapel Hill with a continued goal to grow to more locations. Coffee News Chapel Hill is not just a regular paper that has spaces for advertising. Coffee News was created to be fun for people to read, without forgetting about what is important to the advertisers who make it possible. Another added bonus with signing up with Coffee News Chapel Hill, is that the publishers essentially work for you. Whenever a friend, colleague, associate, or family member eeds a service, as long as a business advertises in Coffee News Chapel Hill, the referral goes straight to them. Coffee News publishers attend many netorking meetings, as well as network on their own, so they usually recommend that you provide them with a business card or url to pass out to friends, colleagues, etc.

Contact at (919) 824-9331 for more information.

Coffee News Chapel Hill
Layla Jabur