keepitPromo Goes GREEN

keepitPromo, one of the largest suppliers of Promotional give-away gift items supplier in Cyprus, is announcing the launch of their Environmental Sustainability Statement.

Larnaca, Cyprus, June 30, 2012 --( keepitPromo started in 2007 under the name keepitChilled and was later renamed to keepitPromo in 2009. Based in the sunny island of Cyprus, keepitPromo trades mainly Promotional Gift items either by exporting them from Cyprus or shipping them directly from the manufacturers to the customer.

After a successful start, the company would like to announce the launch of their Environmental Sustainability Statement.

In more detail, keepitPromo commits to plant 1 tree for every tone of CO2 that emits in the atmosphere as a result of doing business with its customers. KeepitPromo believes that this commitment will help offset the CO2 that was released in the atmosphere as a result of its actions. At the end of each quarter of a year keepitPromo will purchase and plant trees in a designated area approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus.

By doing so, customers are ensured that they will receive their Promotional Business Gifts in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner.

How it works

keepitPromo uses 3 separate formulas to calculate the CO2 emissions. The first formula calculates the volumetric weight of orders with the distance that they travel via AIR. The second formula calculates the weight of the shipment via sea and the third formula calculates the weight and distance via truck. Combined together, we can estimate the offset of CO2 emissions.

In order to estimate how many trees are needed, keepitPromo uses various formulas to calculate the amount of C02 it emits. An example of such formula is found on the official site of the Sustainable Business Network (

In addition to the above, customers can also participate in the efforts put by keepitPromo’s staff. Customers can send their donations for the plantation of even more trees. KeepitPromo will use all of its donations money to purchase and plant additional trees than originally estimated.

The very first plantation took place on Saturday 23-June-2012 and photos of the very first plantation date can be found on keepitPromo's official Website. George Hadjithomas says that "...Here at keepitPromo we are aware that our actions have (as with almost every business) an impact on the environment. Once our products are manufactured they are being delivered by ship, airfreight and by trucks. All of these delivery methods release considerable levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. We care about the environment and therefore we commit to plant 1 tree for every tone of CO2 that emits in the atmosphere as a result of our business with our customers.”

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