Preparing for Monumental Changes in the Healthcare Industry

Ormond Beach, FL, August 03, 2012 --( If you start counting since the start of President Barack Obama's presidential campaign, it's been a 4-year battle over reforming Healthcare in this country.

On June 28, the Supreme Court made a monumental ruling to uphold President Obama's Healthcare Reform Act. The ruling is sure to change the industry, affecting not just patients but practitioners and insurers alike. The major part of the bill that affects Healthcare practitioners is the requirement for individuals to have a Healthcare plan or face a penalty. The general design of the bill is intended to lower Healthcare costs for individuals by creating competition among insurance companies and regulation of costs. It is undetermined if this will be detrimental to large insurance companies who may have to lower costs to keep customers. However, in theory those companies could benefit from an influx of customers in need of Healthcare coverage into the market. This could also benefit physicians greatly. With people having to get coverage, more people are going to take advantage of being insured and will be in the market for primary care physicians and doctors.

Knowing how to attract those customers is a key for any physician that wants to stay ahead of the game. Since 9 out of every 10 Americans has internet access, a majority of the people seeking Health insurance are going to take to the Web to find the best policy and doctor for them. It is important for physicians to cater to this new generation of Healthcare shoppers.

Setting up a Website for your Practice is a must. Not only can it be a great resource for your current patients but it can be a forum for potential patients to find out everything they need to know about Healthcare. Your site should have pages, blogs and articles dedicated to helping potential patients with all of their questions regarding Healthcare. What's even more important is having your site optimized so that it stands out among the crowd as a reliable, go-to resource for patients. You will want your site to be optimized to rank highly for as many relevant keywords as you can. The higher you rank, the more potential patients your Practice will reach. Also, have social media accounts and forums to get people talking about you is a must. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most effective tools out there to promote a practice. With so many people active on these sites, digital word of mouth marketing has become just as effective. Comments, Likes and Tweets are the new interactive way to reach a wide audience. With the law just being upheld, it will take time for many features of Healthcare Reform to go into affect, but now is the time for your practice to start preparing. The pool of potential new patients is as large as it will ever get today, so now is the time to focus on moving forward.

There is a company in Florida dedicated to helping you with this process. Axiom Administrative Services is a leader in Integrated Marketing Services for Healthcare Professionals. They have a very exclusive client list that only includes top physicians in fields like General Surgery, Cardiology, Dentistry, Family Practices and Cosmetic Surgery to name a few.

Axiom has recently completed a Web site overhaul for renowned surgeon Dr. Christian Birkedal and is working with another highly-regarded practitioner in Dr. Jorge Bordenave. AXIOM provides a new Web site for each physician that is tailored to meet their needs and optimized to reach as many people as possible. Axiom’s specialized leadership in Healthcare, offers cutting edge Integrated Healthcare Marketing, and exclusive monitoring for its Clients. AXIOM has a team of Healthcare and Information Technology professionals that possess the skills and knowledge necessary to promote and improve access to your Practice via the Internet World utilizing the latest in Healthcare SEO.

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