TTC Sponsors Key “The State of Clinical Development Costs” Conference in Philadelphia

Representatives from Pharmaceuticals, CROs, Sponsors, and Research/Development Hear from Leading Industry Practitioners and Thinkers.

Philadelphia, PA, July 04, 2012 --( On January 11-12, 2011 TTC, LLC, provider of industry-wide cost benchmarking tools, and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USciences) sponsored the “The State of Clinical Development Costs" conference. Drawing eighty decision makers and specialists from a host of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, and CROs, the 2-day event included two keynote addresses, one by David Fairbrother, Director of Clinical Budgeting at Forest Laboratories, and Hani Zaki, Senior Vice President of PRA International, who spoke on “Future Challenges of Clinical Development; a View from the CRO."

The conference highlighted evidenced-based decision-making and research findings. Proceeds from the conference are to be devoted to pursue evidence-based research issues that arose during the session.

News Facts:
* TTC President and USciences Professor, Dr. Harold Glass calls “State of Clinical Development Costs” conference “another key step in maintaining a focus on managing clinical development costs, improving ROI and increasing compliance.”
* TTC “State of Clinical Development” conference panels addressed a range of topics; “Effective Budgeting and Management of CRO Costs,” “Standard of Care Costs in Clinical Trials,” and “Compliance and Fair Market,” “Clinical Trial Costs in Emerging Geographies,” and “Standard of Care Costs in Clinical Trials.”
* TTC conference heard an address from Dr. Patricia R. Audet, Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business, University of the Sciences. She spoke on “Productivity and Costs in Today’s HealthCare Arena.”
* Dr. Laurence Poli of TTC presented on how CROs and sponsor companies have similar goals, but substantially different operational drivers. He highlighted ways to improve how the two types of organizations can work together once they better understand these differences.

Harold Glass, TTC Principal, and USciences Professor, summed up the conference, “The 'State of Clinical Development' conference provided an excellent opportunity for pharmaceutical industry decision makers to learn how to manage and control clinical development costs, improve clinical ROI, and increase clinical compliance. We brought together some of the best thinkers in the industry and academia for two days of notable keynote addresses and one-on-one and panel discussions that covered the most up-to-date empirical research and experiences of leading edge companies.”

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Marie Johnston