The Craft Beer Social Club Launches to Promote and Support Drinking British Beer

London, United Kingdom, July 05, 2012 --( With the aim of increasing the popularity of British craft beer and real ale, The Craft Beer Social Club launches today, Tuesday 3rd July, 2012, with a full calendar of beer tastings, festivals and educational events.

With the number of breweries in Britain doubling to around 800 since former Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown cut duty tax for small producers 10 years ago[1], The Craft Beer Social Club has launched as the trend in creating beer related businesses continues. The club is open to beer lovers of all knowledge levels interested in supporting Britain’s beer heritage.

The club’s first event, on 28-29th July, offers guests 15 drink tickets to choose from a selection of over 20 British beers, education from beer experts, snacks, and entertainment at a spacious terrace bar in central London. To mark the launch, anyone that signs up to July’s event before 10th July will pay a discounted £20 instead of the normal price of £24.

“In the era of large multi-national brewery groups aggressively expanding their portfolio, such as Anheuser-Busch InBev’s acquisiton of Grupo Modelo last week, something needs to be done to encourage the public to drink British beer, and to ensure the nation’s craft breweries, who are dedicated to making innovative, flavoursome beers, are not disregarded,” says founder Justina Cruickshank.

“The huge rise of craft brewers is strong evidence against the oft-repeated claim that Britain doesn’t make anything anymore. We hope to educate the public about the wide variety of British beer available through our fun and friendly events,” she added.

While wine has long been accepted as an intricate drink appropriate for tastings, The Craft Beer Social Club aims to elevate beer to the same level. With local breweries reinventing old recipes through hand-crafted techniques and locally sourced ingredients, beer tastings are rising in popularity.

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About The Craft Beer Social Club

Founded by Justina Cruickshank in 2012, The Craft Beer Social Club offers a website and social media community complemented by monthly social events where members can taste up to 15 beers from a selection of at least 20 quality British craft beer and real ales.

The club aims to bring attention to the wide variety of beers produced by British brewers and combat the take over of the industry by ever-expanding multi-national brewing giants.

For more information
Justina Cruickshank, Founder, The Craft Beer Social Club
Tel: 0203 432 2134

Kathryn Thompson, Social Media Manager, The Craft Beer Social Club
Tel: 0203 432 2135

[1] According to statistics published by CAMRA in August 2011.
The Craft Beer Social Club
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