ARGI Financial Group Leads Fiscal Education Campaign in Louisville

Louisville, KY, July 05, 2012 --( ARGI Financial Group, a Louisville-based financial planning firm, has taken a leadership role in the community by forming the ARGI Initiative, a campaign advocating fiscal responsibility & education. The current state of the economy, the rising national debt, unemployment rates, & the uncertainty of the future of social security and healthcare in our nation were the main driving forces behind the formation of this campaign.

The ARGI Initiative is a movement advocating fiscal responsibility & awareness, and offers educational material & opportunities for everyone who joins. By “joining” the movement, someone is pledging to educate themselves by signing up to learn about everyday financial issues - everything from credit card debt and mortgages to global events that affect our economy. By offering this as a free service to the community, they hope to help groom more financially savvy consumers…for generations to come. Information is kept completely confidential and is not sold to any third parties.

The owners of ARGI, Joe Reeves and Ron Butt, felt especially strong about taking this step as a financial services firm.

“We realized there is a need for a company to step into a leadership role when it comes to educating the public about financial issues. There is obviously some distrust and miscommunication out there with some of the public,” says Joe Reeves, one of ARGI’s senior partners.

“We would love for other companies to join us too – the more people and entities we can get involved, the greater the momentum…the further the reach and the more fiscally informed people there are out there. The more people know, the harder it is for them to be the ‘unknowing victim’. Now is the time. People need to take responsibility & educate themselves,” adds Ron.

For more information on the ARGI Initiative or to join, visit or

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