Scrub Balls Returns to Saving the Environment and a Fortune for Users

Environmentally friendly product Scrub Balls returns to the UK after 5 years to save the environment and money for users.

Bath, United Kingdom, June 20, 2007 --( Scrub Balls have returned to the UK market after an absence of 5 years with the appointment of The GreyWater Gardener and Environmental Products Ltd as their sole distributor.

Scrub Balls help users to both save the environment and save their own money by using up to 90% less of the amount of detergent recommended by detergent manufacturers.

Scrub Balls work by providing additional agitation to the wash load from within the washing machine drum, just like in previous times when clothes were washed by hand or when using a Dolly Washer.

Marion Greenway, Managing Director said “as a mother and grandmother I was concerned about the effects on our planet of all the detergent we use. Unless we all do something positive, we are fast making our planet uninhabitable for future generations. Seeing all the foam in our rivers and lakes brought it home to me just how much of our excesses go into the eco system. But after having bought Scrub Balls many years ago from the QVC shopping channel I found I was able to reduce the detergent I used by over 50%+ and in addition I found I was saving a fortune in money”.

“I was so impressed that I wanted some more for my friends and family but QVC no longer handled the product, so they put me in touch with the distributor but he too had stopped selling the product but lead me to the original inventor in the USA. I bought some more sets for my family and friends and then got to thinking about the business opportunity and so that’s how I have become the distributor.”

Already one of the UKs major retailers is selling Scrub Balls to their customers and they are joining the 100,000 of existing UK Scrub Balls customers helping save the planet and saving themselves lots of money.

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