Echelon Ag is Hiring Account Manager for Regina

Precision VRT company is looking to hire an Account Manager for their Regina location.

Regina, Canada, July 11, 2012 --( Trent Dorrance, Sales Manager for Echelon Ag, is excited to announce that the Regina location is currently looking to fill the Precision Agriculture Account Manager position.

“We’re really excited about the potential prospects for our Regina location,” commented Trent Dorrance, Sales Manager, Echelon Ag. “This will be a great way to bring fresh ideas into Echelon, and we’re thrilled about it.”

The Precision Agriculture Account Manager will report to Trent Dorrance, Sales Manager for Echelon Ag, and will be responsible for the sales, installation/service, and support of VR fertility technologies for the purpose of maximizing crop production and ensuring effective soil management, utilizing the products and services of Echelon. Through satellite imagery, soil test interpretation, and customer consultation, the Account Manager will also be responsible for providing variable rate recommendations for Echelon clients.

“We look for individuals who are energetic, career-minded, and have experience in sales,” Dorrance stated. “This position also requires a high level of scientific knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to deal with people. If you believe that you would be the right fit for Echelon, we would love to hear from you!”

To view the job posting for Echelon’s Regina location, visit echelon’s website at

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