Former Kansas State Wildcat is Inspired by the Movie: Rocky IV to Start a Green Workout Business

Courtney Herndon, a former Kansas State athlete and alum announces the launch of his Green business, Greenconomy Fitness, LLC. The company features a Green workout, personal and group training, and nutritional meal planning.

Dallas, TX, July 12, 2012 --( After a failed attempt to become a professional athlete, Herndon created his own path of success through eco and fitness. He got the idea from his favorite movie, Rocky IV. Upon graduating from college, Herndon moved home in hopes of preparing for the NFL combines and going professional. When he was not drafted, he cancelled his gym membership at a large franchise fitness center and began using whatever Free exercise tool or equipment he found outside. Herndon found that the environment was his new key to success.

At 5’11’’ and 208 pounds in 2011, Herndon was still considered to be in good shape, but greening his workouts told him something different. Using the environment helped him to lose 14 pounds, trim down the fat around his midsection, and he received his first (abdominal) eight-pack ever. Not even a strenuous collegiate athletic program could give him the abdomen definition that he has today.

“I truly see myself as the Rocky versus the Russian in Rocky IV,” Herndon says. “Like Drago, I used to use very high-tech equipment, such as a fitness center. Rocky, on the other hand, Greened his workout by chopping down trees, pulling a snow sleigh, throwing heavy logs, jog in heavy snow, and climbing mountains. Since I live in Texas, it rarely snows; therefore, I pull a Texas sleigh—the Ford pick-up truck,” Courtney laughs.

Although there are many fitness companies, Greenconomy incorporates the environment to bring health benefits for all body types. It teaches its clients how to use their surroundings (without the use of machines) to get the best body ever, all while preserving the environment.

“A healthy body starts with a healthy planet, and greening a workout routine is an important step to improving your overall quality of life,” said Greenconomy Fitness Director Courtney Herndon.

The company is unique for two reasons: It’s GREEN and economical; hence the name, Greenconomy. Greenconomy Fitness also offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Greenconomy knows that fitness can be expensive with the purchase of a gym membership, exercise equipment, fuel expenses getting to and from the gym, etc. There are no membership fees, no expensive equipment to purchase, and the staff meets their clients at the location of their choice – from within their home, a local park, or any other location (preferably environmentally friendly.)

Ten percent of all fitness services purchased from now until the kick-off of Kansas State Football’s first game on September 01, 2012 will be donated to the K-State Texans Alumni organization.

Go Cats.

About Greenconomy Fitness - Greenconomy Fitness, LLC is Dallas' premier fitness company and the only GREEN boot camp in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Greenconomy Fitness is headquartered in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, TX and employs 3 trainers.

Contact Person: Amber Herndon, Manager of Operations
Company Name: Greenconomy Fitness, LLC
Office: (214) 773-1392
Greenconomy Fitness, LLC
Amber Herndon