Introducing Safees: How to Reduce Your and Your Child’s Risk of Being Hurt in Traffic

Safees pedestrian traffic safety reflectors are cool, cute, fun, inexpensive reflectors that save lives. A pedestrian wearing a reflector can increase his or her visibility by as much as 700% and decrease the risk of being hurt in an accident by up to ten times. By attaching a reflector to children’s or adult's clothing lives are saved. Pedestrian safety reflectors have been used in Scandinavian countries since the 1960’s and they have the lowest traffic accident mortality rates in the world.

Albany, CA, July 12, 2012 --( On average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash every 120 minutes. Almost two-thirds of pedestrian fatalities occur when the light condition is either dark or dark with street lights.

No matter how well a driver thinks he can drive, the fact is that visibility is severely impaired in the dark. Pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters and others not driving a vehicle are at great risk to be hurt simply because they are not clearly visible to traffic.

In order to reduce traffic accidents and make our children and ourselves safer on US roads, Safees is introducing hard prism traffic safety reflectors to the USA. Simply by attaching a reflector to yourself or your child you will increase your visibility to oncoming traffic by anywhere between 300 and 1,000 percent (depending on distance, darkness, weather). That can be the difference between being safe or not.

Safees are hard prism reflectors that are attached by a simple pin to your clothes at knee or thigh height. By letting the Safees swing freely, facing traffic, it will reflect oncoming cars’ headlights and increase your visibility, alerting drivers to your presence on the road and giving drivers more time to stop or steer clear and thus avoiding accidents.

Scandinavian countries have the best traffic safety records in the whole world and reflectors are household staples. In fact in Sweden every school child wears one and traffic fatalities involving children are the lowest in the world (WHO: Global Status report on Road Safety).

Safees are manufactured in Finland and are CE and Lloyds certified and adheres to all relevant ISO standards as well as meeting the very high EU standards for environmental consideration; no waste is produced when manufacturing Safees and, naturally, Safees are themselves 100% recyclable.

By attaching an inexpensive, cute and fun Safees to yourself and your child, you can greatly reduce the risk of you or your child getting hurt. Wearing a Safees will reduce the risk of being hit by cars by up to ten times.

Safees can be attached to anyone moving around in traffic: pedestrians, cyclists, horses, strollers, pets, skaters, etc.

Safees are available at They retail at 6 USD each and come in wide variety of fun designs and colors. Discounts are available for schools and nonprofit organizations.

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Safees was founded by Johanna Denize who is originally from Sweden and who grew up always wearing a reflector. When Johanna had her first child in 2010 she immediately noticed that strollers are at great risk for being hit since cars simply do not seem to see them. Johanna desperately tried to find quality reflectors (i.e. hard prism reflectors) to attach to her son’s stroller and herself. Not finding any reflectors that live up to the high quality found in Scandinavian hard prism reflectors, Safees was born. Johanna is on a mission to increase traffic Safety for children in the US and reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. "Something as simple as wearing a reflector will de facto reduce your risk of being hit by a car and potentially being injured for life or even killed. So why not take this easy, inexpensive precaution?" says Johanna. "Our whole family wears them, we have Safees on our clothes, our bikes, our strollers and even on our pets."

When manufacturing Safees nothing is wasted, no harmful waste is produced and everything is used directly or recycled. And of course, the Safees themselves are 100% recyclable.

Safees - be seen, be safe!

Johanna Denize