Weaver Nut Company – Massive Online Sale for Over 70% of Asher’s Fudge Inventory

Ephrata, PA, July 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A summer hankering for something sweet, how about some fudge, seems as natural as seeking shade from the sweltering sun, and one company is committed to providing all the wholesale candy one could need this summer.

Something about the summertime goes hand-in-hand with America's sweet tooth. Whether swimming at the local pool or mowing the lawn once again, the all too familiar, universally recognizable melody of the ice cream truck seems almost constantly present.

Even watermelon, the preferred fruit finishing of the all-American summer picnic, appeals the sugar receptive taste buds. Of course, a watermelon, or, one's favorite flavored dip of ice cream is only his or her local grocer away, but what for the sugar-attracted adventurer, the conqueror of all thing confectionary?

These pioneers of the pastry need look no further then Weaver Nut Company Inc.; a solution for all things wholesale candy and wholesale bulk chocolate.

In addition to an expansive, everyday selection of wholesale candies, Weavernut.com is offering discounted rates on some of summers hottest items (no pun intended).

As a child, trips to the beach were made especially sweet by visits to the boardwalk. The real treat of it was passing the numerous wholesale candy shops. The imagination was set free by images of fudge being stirred in giant mettle basins by equally enormous wooden spoons; the scent was enrapturing.

Now this summer favorite is only a mouse click away, and it's available as a wholesale candy to boot. Weavernut.com has a diverse selection of Asher brand fudge, and what's more, over 70% of the fudge inventory is on sale now and will be for the rest of the summer. (Through August 31st) Their collection of assorted fudge treats is sure to appeal to any in search of wholesale bulk chocolate as well, as over half of their fudge creations contain the flavor.

If fudge isn't the treat that tickles one's individual fancy, the array of desserts doesn't stop there. In addition to Asher's fudge, WeaverNut.com supplies an array of other wholesale candy and wholesale bulk chocolate that'll be sure to incite the nostalgia of summers past.

The Weaver Nut Company is the proud distributor of Adams & Brooks old-timey lollipops as well as Crown Candy products. Adams & Brooks jumbo swirl and multi-flavored unicorn lollipops are a great way to satisfy any summer strike of the sweet tooth, if on be eight or 88 years of age. Similarly, Crown's wholesale candy comes in a plethora of varieties including Bon bons, coconut macaroons and pecan divinity; each an equally exquisite choice for a sugary fix in the shade. So this summer, when the alluring smells and sights of the beachside candy bakeries are miles away, remember Weavernut.com the summer haven for wholesale candy solutions.

Bio: For more specific details or information about wholesale candy, visit http://www.weavernut.com( http://www.weavernut.com/ ) today - find wholesale bulk chocolate and other delicious products offered by Weaver Nut.


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