Lakeshore Reveals Insider Secrets in Upcoming Satirical Video Short

Denver, CO, July 13, 2012 --( Lakeshore, formerly Lakeshore Staffing, launched a new brand in April of this year. As part of their re-brand, the company is releasing satirical videos, poking fun at the staffing industry while revealing some of the industry’s dirty insider secrets.

One of those insider secrets is that staffing companies lie to their candidates as part of their normal day-to-day operation. Staffing Companies regularly stretch the truth; if not blatantly lie, to job seekers about the availability or existence of certain positions. They’ll tell them that they have “the perfect job,” asking them to fill out paperwork and come in for an interview and then tell them the position was filled. Afterward, they never call them back. “It’s sad that this is normal for our industry,” says Dani Rice, Team Captain Marketing & Technology, who got into the staffing business with altruistic intentions. “We do things differently. We treat people like people, not commodities or second class citizens.”

One of Lakeshore’s new videos, “George Butts: Staffing Industry Hero”, takes direct shots at, what Rice calls, the staffing industry’s “institutional thinking”. The video features a Ron Burgundy-like character, named George Butts, proprietor of Butts Staffing. George spends his days overselling his abilities to job seekers calling him for help. “He doesn’t know or care he’s so out of touch. He just believes he’s great when really he’s a self-serving fool”, Rice says. In the video, George makes ridiculous statements while trying to impress prospective Candidates, but snippets in between show that he has no clue what he’s doing. He comments to one caller, “Did I happen to mention that we work with over 600 of the Fortune 500?” The next clip shows him scrambling through the want ads to find jobs to work on.

People who have had first-hand experience with the staffing industry, whether as employees or job seekers, will recognize the truths hidden in this hilarious short. Lakeshore’s other satirical videos aim to show more secrets of the staffing industry. “We’re poking fun at the industry,” says Rice, “and we’re doing it on purpose. Our model is unique, and we want to show people the difference between us and our competition.”

Lakeshore is headquartered in Downtown Denver, with other offices in the Denver Tech Center, Chicago, Louisville, and Dallas.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Dani Rice, please email or call Lakeshore at (303) 482-3240.
Dani Rice