The SMB Customer Continues to Evolve

St Louis, MO, June 21, 2007 --( Marv McGrew, CEO of SGI, speaking at the Success Group International Global Technology Coalition Conference in ST. Louis, MO. commented; “SMB customers are evolving and are becoming more sophisticated and they are seeking greater value and demanding more from their vendor relationships than ever before.

To meet these increased demands, Vendors must evolve to survive. As margins in their standard business grow smaller year over year, many are responding by shifting their model to provide their SMB customers with new services and solutions. In fact, Vendors are increasingly becoming focused on services, including Managed Services Providers (MSP), Professional Services Providers (PSP) and Software As A Service (SAAS).

The winner in this changing SMB market place is the SMB customer who can utilize their existing, long- term “trusted” relationship with their Vendor. The SMB customer now relies on the Vendor to recommend, assist in procurement, providing implementation and services for bundled solutions.

ISV’s and MSP’s are not standing still in this evolution, as they recognize the value that Vendors provide, not only as the “trusted advisor” of the SMB customer, but the technical expertise and support they can provide to the ISV during implementation and after the sale in a support role. ISV’s and MPS’s that recognize this are finding they can reduce delivery costs, greatly accelerate time to market, and achieve access to the SMB market by partnering with Vendors.”

SGI recognized this tread in 2003 and developed “The Global Technology Coalition” bringing together the technology community as a single bundled unit to provide SBM customers with a single source “SMB Technology Solution”. SGI’s global technology coalition of 80+ technology companies join together for the sole purpose of providing SMB customers with total solutions, at greater value, faster implementation and all the services and support from a single trusted source.

SGI’s Global Technology Coalition evolution has taken the next logical step ... Connecting the dots for SMB & Enterprise level customers. A new SGI division, Technology Co-op (TCO-OP) will provide vendor management and screening services for enterprise and SMB IT customers globally. "The mission of Technology Co-op is to provide global IT Customers vendor selection, vendor audits and management services designed to ease the pain of selecting and working with vendors." says Marv McGrew, CEO, Success Group International.

“… Connecting the dots for the SMB Customer”

About Success Group International:
Success Group International, “The Global Technology Solution”™ Our Coalition is a worldwide, “solutions based” technology member organization, devoted to assisting our global membership of technology businesses in achieving their company marketing, channel sales and business development goals. "Success Group's mission, as a global technology coalition, is to facilitate member relationships and build synergy between members, by identifying needs and creating solutions to enhance, grow and strengthen revenue generating opportunities, increasing sales and profits of all members." SGI specializes in developing and managing technology coalition alliances to promote the growth and "success" of member businesses. Our primary objective is discovering enabling and enhancing technologies for coalition members to expand technology solutions offered to their clients.

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