Language Systems International Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Los Angeles, CA, July 14, 2012 --( Language Systems International, Inc., a well-known English language school in Southern California, is celebrating twenty-five years of providing communicative, student centered English programs for international students seeking to study English in the United States. Over the last twenty-five years Language Systems has provided international students with a variety of English and test preparation programs to prepare them for advanced academic or professional careers.

Language Systems International (LSI) was founded in 1987 with the purpose of providing a multitude of language-related services. Its main goal is to give instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) and test preparation to international students. LSI offers high-quality language programs designed to build students' skills and self-confidence when communicating in English in either academic or professional situations. LSI programs help international students function successfully in an English-speaking environment, introduce study habits common to those expected at American institutions of higher learning, and assist in the development of critical abilities to think, read, write, listen, and communicate effectively in English. LSI provides intensive English, Conversation, Business, TOEFL, TOEIC, and GMAT/GRE programs to a diverse number of students.

"I am proud to celebrate this milestone achievement as it represents the impact we have had on the lives of so many students from all over the world," said Armando M., Language Systems’ president and chief executive officer. "We have demonstrated a unique ability to provide a first rate English education to students from various backgrounds at a reasonable cost. Our students graduate happy and prepared to move on to their next challenge in the English-speaking world.”

Since July 1987, Language Systems has expanded to four locations in Southern California: Downtown Los Angeles (LA), Alhambra, Torrance, and Orange County. Each school is located in a uniquely different neighborhood, all surrounded by interesting attractions and plenty of things to do. In addition, students typically live within walking distance of the school, and ride a bicycle or take local buses to class. LSI also facilitates homestay opportunities for students wishing to live with an American family.

LSI school spirit and achievement were evident at its recent 25th anniversary party celebrated in June. Students and employees from Language Systems all gathered to celebrate with a talent show, special guests, prizes, and dancing. The drummer from Torrance walked away with the $500 prize for the talent show and students from all four schools won ipods and other special prizes. The evening was topped off by Brazilian Samba dancers. “We all had such a great time celebrating LSI's 25th anniversary!” said Luciana Lovera, the current manager at LSI-Orange County. “I always love it when all four schools get together to celebrate. Students get a chance to make new friends and practice English in a fun environment!”

In addition to the 25th anniversary party in June, Language Systems has several activities planned throughout the summer including a Beach Party and Volleyball Tournament for all four schools. “I really feel as if I’m part of something special here at LSI,” said Michelle Buell, Academic Director for Language Systems. “I’ve been here for over 10 years and the best part of my job is seeing students progress in English and graduate with confidence and optimism about the future. Nothing is more rewarding than helping students succeed in their goals!”

About Language Systems International
Los Angeles, California-based Language Systems International’s vision is to challenge students from around the world to develop the abilities to think, read, write, listen, and communicate effectively in English. LSI equips international students with the critical skills needed to function successfully in an English-speaking environment, thus helping students to become successful both in their academic and professional endeavors. The primary focus of Language Systems International is to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and test preparation to international students in a communicative, student-centered environment. For more information about Language Systems, please visit
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