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New Startup is creating a place for all Startups from all around the World.

Bratislava, Slovakia, July 18, 2012 --( We are living in the world of startups, where hundreds of new companies are formed every day. They are working on their startups day & night, and attending events like Startup Weekend. But just few of them get it to the finish line. Just few of them get some media coverage and have a chance to meet with angel investors. With coming on stage, all of that will change. is a new way of startup communication. It is a hybrid between a social network and bloggers, taking advantages from all of them. And all of that focused purely on startuppers and their startups.

“We would like to give any startup a chance to present itself to public, to other startuppers and to investors. Nobody will be rejected and literally anyone can join the network, publish news and articles, create startup events or even search for employees for their startups,” said the founder of, Marek Novotny, who is currently living and developing his project in Bratislava, Slovakia.

On, all information will be shared publicly and shown to thousands of other networkers, so there is no need to try to get thousands of likes or followers just to get the message through. In other words, even startups which will never get to techcrunch and will never get thousands twitter followers, can present itself with style and effect, and possibly grab the attention of investors.

Of course, we cannot forget the social factor of “I personally attended Startup Weekend in Bratislava and realized that something is missing here,” Marek said. “During the weekend, all startups were looking for some beta testers so that they can present relevant data in their final pitch, but they had to rely on people attending the Startup Weekend. And after the Startup Weekend, the publicity and possibility to present themselves in media, was given only to the winners. So I realized, that startup scene really misses a place, where all startuppers can socialize, connect to each other, ask others to test their applications, and of course, present their ideas even if they are just small startup without massive number of friends or media support. And that’s how idea was created,” added the founder of Startuppers.

Being a startupper is not only about marketing the startup, but also about the networking of individuals, creating connections, sharing experience and advices and attending events. All of that will be possible on

Funding will be covered mainly from private sources at the beginning, but there is something for those, who really like the idea and want to support it. “I have decided to start the project on my own, and fund it with my own sources. However, I am also creating an indiegogo campaign (world-wide alternative to kickstarter) with some brilliant rewards for funders, so anyone can help us get started,” mentioned Marek on the means of funding of his project.

Before the planned start in August 2012, you can sign up on You can follow progress also on Twitter @Startuppers_Org, or Facebook: is a startup about startups and for startups. The idea came to the mind of founder Marek Novotny in May 2012 after attending Startup Weekend in Bratislava. The Social network for startuppers will go live in August 2012. The plan is to have 10 000 startuppers registered and 1000 startup articles published by the end of 2012.

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