New Personal Finance Blog, Financing The Dream is Here

Fort Mill, SC, July 19, 2012 --( Financing The Dream is a blog created to help newly minted adults reach their ultimate goals, and all the little goals along the way. The site advises a measured approach to financial stability and success, emphasizing smart, consistent decisions over short-term grabs at wealth. Financing The Dream will also help readers avoid economic pitfalls, or manage them if they do occur.

With posts dedicated to Home and Family, Money Management, and Tips and Tricks, Financing The Dream covers all aspects of personal finance for recent graduates, young couples starting a family, and those who've been in the game a while and are looking to plan ahead. Plus, the Mini-Dreams category helps readers achieve smaller, more manageable goals, which can sometimes seem as out of reach as any ultimate fantasy.

Managing editor Zachary Kirchin and his Dream Team take a fun, lighthearted approach to money matters, showing readers economic success is not an ominous mountain they must climb at a steep angle, but rather a series of mounds and hills to be negotiated as they come, with each success leading to higher peaks and better views until they achieve their ultimate goals.


Zachary Kirchin
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